jeudi 16 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: Bio Beauté by Nuxe #2

Before anything I have to say, I have to point out that I really enjoy the products from that brand for their ability to sooth the skin and rashes.

Micellar Cleansing Water
Doing its job  at talking off make up and pollution. Its scent is very natural, a little like moss and a tad of Orange Water. The scent is mainly present when you apply the products and fades away afterwards.

Smoothing and 24h Moisturizing Emulsion
 Day cream with a strong clementine scent which sticks around. When you apply it, it feels a bit sticky more than creamy and leaves your skin shinny at first; Let it sink in and 5 minutes later,you have a smooth and matt skin with a citrusy fragrance. Thumbs up for this little product.

High Nutrition Hand Cream
It is especially for chapped and damaged hands. The job is well-done. This cream is very nourishing however its scent might be overwhelming. It is almond but after putting it on your hands, they smell like two blocks of marzipan... Not that easy to pull of.

Frequent Use Shampoo
 It is formulated for sensitive scalps which is exactly my case. I did not see much of a difference with the regular shampoos. It feels nice, my hair is soft after use. The scent is actually quite strong out of the tube and softens majorly after rinsing.

Gentle Confort Exfoliant
 Very good product, this is my second tube. The exfoliation comes from the grains and seeds contained within the creamy texturized product. which leaves your skin infinitely soft after use. Its scent is an agreeable and natural red berries fragrance.

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