vendredi 31 janvier 2014


It is The TAG circulating amongst Youtubers lately: The TIM Tag, understand Too Much Information TAG. It actually has a lot of questions so let's jump right into it.

  • What are you wearing?    A long red sweater, black leggings with beige bones print and fluffy dotted black socks
  • Ever been in love?    Yes
  • How tall are you?    1m60
  • Any Tattoos?   No
  • Favorite fictional couple?    Jane Eyre and Sir Edward Rochester
  • Favourite show?    Ally Mcbeal
  • Favourite Band?    Nirvana
  • Something you miss?    Conversations with people gone too soon
  • Favourite song?    Bohemian Rhapsody
  • How old are you?    24 years old
  • Zodiac sign?    Gemini
  • Quality you look for in a partner?    
  • Favourite quote?  "Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong!" Jane Eyre
  • Favourite actor?    Cary Grant
  • Favourite color?    Purple 
  • Loud music or soft?    Depends on the mood
  • Where do you go when you are sad?    I go for a long walk, to digest and pounder on things
  • How long do you take in the morning?    In between 15 minutes and an hour, depending if I take a morning shower, cleansing and scrub or just a fast bb cream and eyeshadow base and off the door.
  • Been in a physical fight?   Yes, mostly with my brother, up until a year ago and then whenever I feel necessary.
  • Turn on?   Witty 
  • Turn off?    Filth and hoarding
  • The reason I joined YouTUBE?   Because I had fun making videos and learning about things
  • Fears?   Credit Crad machines "eating" credit cards
  • Last thing that made you cry?   Stress
  • Last time you said you loved someone?   This morning
  • Meaning behind your YouTUBE name?    It comes from the fact that the pilgrim travels and dreams is imagination... I just like it.
  • Book you're currently reading?   Rivers of London
  • Last book you read?   The Portrait of A Killer
  • Last show you watched?   The Crazy Ones
  • Last person you talked to?   My boyfriend
  • Favourite food?   Cheese Fries
  • Place you want to visit?   Iceland
  • Last place you were?   The Pantheon
  • Do you have a crush?   Yes
  • Last time you kissed someone?  This afternoon
  • Last time you were insulted?   A while ago
  • Favourite flavour of sweet?   Banana
  • What instrument do you play?   None really
  • Favourite piece of jewellery?   My Silver rings with frogs, witches...
  • Last sport you played?   Rugby
  • Last song you sang?   Blue Jeans by Lana del Rey
  • Favourite chat up line?   "You're pretty"
  • Have you ever used it?   Yes
  • Last time you hang out with someone?   Two days ago

jeudi 30 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: Romantic Valentine Peacock Tutorial

Valentine's day isn't always about pink. It is about looking true and tender. This fantasy look is just as soft and make you look like a bird.
  • Use Sell Out as a base allover your lid, up to the brow bone.
  • Apply Deep End on the moveable lid.
  • Place some Fishnet from the center of the lid to the outer corner.
  • Deepen the look with Freakshow on the outer V zone alone (outer corner & crease).
  • Simply line your eyes (without making a wing) using Retrograde or a dark purple eyeliner.
  • Let it dry a little and dab some Fishnet on top of the liner.
  • Apply generously mascara.
  • For your lips, just use a subtle gloss like the one given in the Fun palette.

mercredi 29 janvier 2014

BLOG: Anger Management

    As you might have notice, I spend quite a long time studying and approaching the "How-to" fight off stress. But when I take a step back, I realize that some of us, including me, have anger management issues. Need no more for me to take the time and energy to do some digging and try to understand how I ended up like this and how to control it or release it.
    When it comes to the reasons, they are personal and it would just be wrong and odd to write them down here. However, when it comes to you, try to understand and maybe write them down. It might help the anger to go away, because you will see that there are other responses. To tell you the truth, in my case, it didn't work. I am fairly upset and annoyed all of the time whether I think about it or not. So now on to trying to fix the things things as much as possible.

  •     Don't think by being violent and let it all out, it will solve itself. It would seem, according to some psychologists, that it will just escalate and you will reduce yourself to this anger.
  •     My old trick is relaxation. This would seem to work well when practiced very regularly.
  •     Watch your language and try resonate with yourself, find the strength to do it, though, I can tell you, it feels very bad and repressive at the start.
  •     Give the best of yourself to solve problems and don't punish yourself or anyone if it is not solved.
  •     Treat yourself to a little bit of me time. Take some air in.
  •     Talk to others when your are feeling trapped.
Best of luck, I am still working on it.

lundi 27 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: REVIEW Caudalie Vinosource

It is the second time I purchase one of these make up bags of Caudalie. The first one was the one from the "Fleur De Vigne" collection so for this one I went with their "Vinosource".
Sweet Almond and Cornflower Cleansing Milk: I would use this more
as a cleanser than a make up remover. It has a nice replenishing finish
 which is always very nice at the end of the day. Its scent is natural and fresh.
This Hand and Nail Care Cream is a very
nourishing and rich one. I always enjoy a hand
cream which also is a nail cream. They tend to have
the "manucure" effect on your nails: hydrated and
healthy looking.
Nourishing Body Lotion: this product is a simple
body lotion. When I say simple it is because of
the omnipresence of body lotion
in shops nowadays.
But this one is a natural and fairly basic
hydration cream for your entire body.
The Moisture Recovery Cream is designed to be
 more or less your savior when it comes to the type
of weather we are currently experiencing in France.
Against the cold and the wind, you need to prepare
 and then repair your skin much more,
this cream, though not extraordinary, could help.
An overall very nice and moisturizing pocket of skincare.

dimanche 26 janvier 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! Austenland

By now, you have understood that, though I enjoy my action movies and thrillers, I love a good Romance and Jane Austen themed films. There is something simple and comforting in Austen ideology and it is very clearly mentioned in this movie.
     I had read the book before seeing this and it was also the case with all Jane Austen Novels. As I already said on my previous post about Austen's works and inspired ones, nowadays readers and watchers will enjoy the new versions of the works and adaptations because of the proximity in between people.
     This movie does a great job at separating what is nice and beautiful within Jane Austen's work and that women can aspire to and the fact that what she describes accurately as the women's life at the time was mainly dull and uneventful.
     As an aficionado of the BBC's versions of Austen's literature, I was happy to see JJ Field playing Henry Nobley in Austenland after liking him so much as Henry Tilney in Northanger Abbey. It is often considered as the oddest and most different novel from the writer and it makes it even more peculiar because just like in Austenland, Northanger Abbey is all about making the difference in between reality and fiction.
     This film tells the story of Jane who is a long time fan of Jane Austen's work, and spends all of her savings in a trip to Austenland, a place where everything is accorded to Austen's works and with the promesse of true love. From then onwards the pretend, which is obvious at the start, slowly fades away.
     If you enjoy romantic comedies and Jane Austen's characters, this is a treat.

samedi 25 janvier 2014

FOOD in Paris: The Great Canadian Pub

Once more today, I am bringing you to a place I enjoy to go to in Paris but which is definitely not for those of you out there on the look out for a french bistrot or croissants. 

The Great Canadian is in a very beautiful spot along the quais de Seine, more specifically on the Quai Des Grands Augustins, facing the Ile De La Cité and Notre-Dame. 

If you were searching for a place to drink at in the evening with friends, it is very nice. I do have to say here that it is a sports bar so if you don't feel attracted to this just be aware of that. To me, TVs showing sports in a pub is just part of the place's personality, plus the hockey sticks playing the role of handle to the entrance door just emplie sports bar if you still had some doubts.

So obviously to follow or watch sports & hockey with a drink in hand, which might be what you would want to do, this is a great place. However, I do have to say I enjoy their food. I went several times for brunch & dinner. The food is filling and good. I never felt hungry still after eating there. 

For the Menu itself, it offers quite a large range of choices (a bit of everything) and is similar to what I got from diner menus in the US (couldn't say about Canada though, I have never been there). A canadian difference is that this one includes Poutine which I personally really like seeing that one of my favorite dish is cheese fries. It is a good thing I was born and bread in France to end up with this type of gastronomical preferences.

Their brunch is very decent and nice as well because the place is very calm (especially compared to the nights and, in particular, game nights). I would have to say I never managed to finish their "full" brunch which, to me, means that it was quite enough food.

Hope you enjoy this place and for your game nights, definitely think about it.

vendredi 24 janvier 2014

PERFUMES: A Scent & Fragrance Basics Guide

Which Perfume do you have to pick & when is it time to switch it around?
  • If it doesn't last as long as it use to on your skin: Try to get the corresponding soap, cream or stronger version (eau de parfum if you had the habit of using the eau de toilette for instance).
  • The cream formulations are also a good substitue if you feel it turning bad when you apply it to your skin.
  • Try once in a while to go for a different fragrance and go out of your comfort zone. It helps setting your nose back to normal and to be more aware of what you smell like.
  • Despite all of this, if you still love your own classic scent just want a bit of a twist, pick up the new formulation of the season which will also make you trendier.

Where to spray your fragrance?

  • If you are having a day off but do want to wear perfume, Spray it all over within the air and than walk through this scented cloud.
  • If it is for a business meeting or work, spray it on your skin on specific spots: the neck, wrists chest, and on your scarf. It will give you an intensified scent all throughout the day.

jeudi 23 janvier 2014

BLOG: The Best Advice I Could Ever Give You

Obviously as you take the time to read those lines, I am very thankful and at times, I want to give you more than beauty reviews and tips. Beauty, to me, is something relative and that we always give a face to which is not ours.

No matter how many times you would have to read this or hear this; there is beauty in everyone and everywhere. You just have to look for it and once you have found it, it will be obvious it surrounds you.

But what I want to tell you, is that if you just seat at home all day long. If you don't lift one finger, don't think things will just magically come to you. If you want adventure, go and find it. The same applies to romance; be romantic and your couple will be the one you dream of.
Finally, if you dream your life, who is actually living it? Go out of your comfort zone, gradually at first but if you feel what you need is a wake up call: jump head first! Life is fleeting, it is not all planned and laid out but it is yours. 

You can spend a long time feeling miserable if you do not watch out. And I do not know about you but I simply don't have time to waste. I never did anything crazy in my life except for off-piste skying and skydiving but I just do not have many regrets. 

Like the next person, I hope I could have spent more time with my relatives who died but I don't dwell on the past and don't think too far ahead (though I originally was a big planner) and focus on the present why already goes by so fast. So, this,is the best advice I would give you: create your life, don't let it walk by you and it will be your greatest adventure. Let's get lost!

mercredi 22 janvier 2014

MOVIE NIGHT! La Fille de D'Artagnan (Revenge Of The Musketeers )

     To be honest this is one of my favorite movie. Overall, it would seem my tastes are mostly movies people did not appreciate that much but I really like this one.
In 1994, the film came out. It had been a while since a good cloak-and-dagger movie was out at the time and Bertrand Tavernier, the director, was not at all specialized in this type of filmmaking. It makes it more modern than all of those movies that were big in France in the 50's and 60's.
    A slave escapes a boat and finds refuge in a convent. His traders come after him and kill the mother superior. It just happens that D'Artagnan's daughter lives in this convent. She decides to leave for Paris to get a her father to investigate a plot she thinks the arrival of that slave was part of. With the arrival of the new king Louis the XIVth on the Throne of France, D'Artagnan got himself expelled from the garde of the King.
The Cardinal is obviously, once again, the bad guy but not the worse. He ends up looking funny though fairly dangerous through his gardes. 

   This movie is aiming at pleasing the crowds and not at making you think too much like so many french movies can. I do not really know how to explain it, but there is something familiar and nice in this film. 
    It probably comes from the chemistry in between Philippe Noiret (D'Artagnan) and Sophie Marceau (his daughter, Eloise). But also and quite obviously from the characters we know already like Arthos, Portos, Aramis and Planchet (D'Artagnan's servant).
   The fact that I enjoyed reading The Three Musketeers when I was young explains very well why and how I appreciate this film but I trust you could enjoy it even without knowing it too well.

mardi 21 janvier 2014


     Writers simply don't have any ideas anymore. They could write about so many things and invent so many new stories. Of course, making something a tad innovative tends to be harder and harder.
     When our parents were young (actually even when I was young) there was not much of an internet and if you wanted to know about stories you had to read an even more significant number of books. You had to look for them and take the time to assimilate new knowledge.

     Nowadays though I have the conviction that we do not have as much of a profound knowledge of stories and events, we might know about more diverse things overall. So we end up needing more from writers and faster.
     So as the demand is increasing faster than the creation (just think of how many new movies come out at the cinema everyday and TV shows), they just twist around the classics because they know the undeniable quality and intelligence within these texts.

Let's now discuss the matter at hand: Sherlock Holmes.
The concept is to have a Private Detective nowadays with a very peculiar manner of proceeding, a extremely keen eye for detail and a very skilled deduction. These character traits are always there when it comes to any Sherlock Holmes. This is the main reason why I think that one should not preconceive any definite idea of the character. What makes Holmes a strong and interesting person is not the period or cases that he faces. He is a story on his own.
      I might get myself a fair amount of haters by saying that I do enjoy Elementary and Sherlock. Furthermore, I liked the both most recent Sherlock Holmes' movies which I found profoundly enjoyable and quite a lot of fun as blockbusters. As you might have noticed from my previous critics and point of views on the several movies I watched, I am easily pleased; However, I would like to point out that I just do not feel the need to write not even one word about films that I did not like. Some very literate and hateful people will make of it their very important duty.

      When it comes to explain why I enjoy Sherlock, I do not think I have to say much. Firstly, because it would seem, from what I have been given to see on the internet, that I am far from being the only one enjoying this show. My significant other might also be right by saying that the space of time they seem to enjoy inflicting us with, is just a smart way to keep us longing for it. And I have come to the conclusion that you might as well consider this Sherlock the way you could consider James Bonds during its glorious years: a series that people enjoy as much for the stories than for the characters. For those of you who may not yet know about Sherlock; it is a TV Show which was first aired 4 years ago and from which each season includes three fairly long episodes (90 minutes).

     Now, comes on my shoulder the weight and trickiness of an explanation of liking Elementary. Many of my friends have asked for, so I will have you know that this here might terminate some of my old friendships. Here, I will mark a pause and explain myself a little. As some of you may already know, I have a bachelor degrees in English Literature and Civilisation and I met many of my friends at University.
     This just implies I like the original Sherlock Holmes. I understand what makes these novels classics and mainly timeless. All of this, is theory and as many of you know I hope, the space in between theory and practice is humongous. Plus, may I add, I have understood very soon in my life that, if you enjoy a book or even a story, NEVER think about the original when reading or watching a new version of it.

     So let me tell you that, Elementary is a very good, witty and sometimes funny show. The show was  first aired two years ago and is now at its second season, 24 episodes (of circa 45 minutes) per seasons.I like Lucy Liu but I think Jonny Lee Miller is the real deal. And it is a bit ironic to see him play a former heroin addict, knowing he starred in Trainspotting. It also goes to show this odd relationship between Holmes and Watson seems to remain the exact same whether John is a man or Joan is a woman. Both character need the other and, though the "dependance" Holmes has of Watson in this version is quite literal, it shows the need he has of her or him.

     The major problem people have had with this show is probably the american point of view. To be honest, I would have been disturb if, within this plot, they would have chosen an American to play the part of Holmes. And I insist on this "plot" because somehow my brain had no problem what so ever with seeing an American, Robert Downey Jr, playing Holmes and plenty of British surrounding him especially, Jude Law, playing Watson.

     However, my point is, and I do have one, I enjoy both these shows and highly recommend them. They have different qualities, input, ideas and concepts. But I think the main factor which make them enjoyable is Sherlock Holmes and his odd view of the world.

lundi 20 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: Treat Yourself When You Are Working


You are running all day long going to work, while you are working, on your way back. Even if you have to take care of your family when you get back, you need and deserve at least ten minutes for yourself alone per day.

- Spas, hairdressers, nail bars, manucure and anywhere to treat yourself are places you have to visit once in a while. Luxurious times like this, no matter how cheap or expensive they are,are a real boost because they are in a way mini holidays for the body and the brain.

- Work out is the fastest and most efficient way to be happy, to release tension. Stress is mainly, as I previously stated, a tension of the muscles and by activating these muscles, you relieve yourself from this tension and relax afterwards.


Partying is also a great way to ease the week and overworking. However, you want to stay fairly presentable all evening long especially if you have worked all day before hand.
With time, make up fades away and most of the time, not in the fanciest and most flattering fashion possible.

-Blotting the T Zone with paper and smudges of mascara or make up streaks with a Q tip. Touch up your under-eye area with some hydrating cream or serum to preserve a plump aspect to the skin. Dab some light eye shadow on your eyes inner most corner.

- Try to use creams when you touch up. Powders will make you look more tired and your make up will have more chances to turn caky.

- Use waterproof  products and powder on top when first putting your make up on in the morning in "prevention" of a after work party or drink. And obviously use primers if you just want to be impeccable and not care about it, later on during the day.

- Don't put any color under your eyes if you want your make up to last as long as it is possible.


dimanche 19 janvier 2014

BEAUTY: How To Knock Out Acne

Garnier Fructis Purifying Foam along
with their soft toner that really help
 with the rehydration of the skin
once you used  the acne treatment
 Hey everyone, a week ago, with the aftermath of the Holidays, I got some major acne spots on my face. Somehow, I am not that bothered by acne when it is just seating there. However, as soon as it gets painful, it has to go away. I am using the same products for 10 years, since I first encountered acne problems. Some, like the Garnier ones or Neutrogena, are simple treatment fairly cheap and easy to find. The others from Avène are aiming more at a specific problem and tend to be more expensive but it is the price to terminate your issues with acne.

 Here I am not sponsored or anything and I just tell you about what worked for me. As usual, I just want to put it out there but if these products do not suit you though they did work for me, it is because we all have different skin types. Always check the product to see if you feel like it will be alright to use with your skin and it will help you more than damage your face.

And I am also writing about "minor" acne. The type that many women have after puberty as a result to eating a bit greasy or just because your skin feels like she wants to. If you have severe acne, the best treatment is to go see a dermatologist and get the treatment most perfectly adapted to your skin type and acne.

Garnier Exfobrosse Pureactive 
The first product I use on a regular basis, understand 2 to 3 times a week when I don't have major acne problems is the energy purifying foam by Garnier. It is a very nice solution that you shake then apply all over your face. I let it seat a little than rinse it with clear cold water. It dries out your skin and especially your imperfections. The extra it gives you is its invigorating scent of citrus. It is the reason why I highly recommend doing your morning facial wash with this product because it will wake you up.

Avène Cleanance CleansingWater
The second product I want to mention is the Exfobrosse by Garnier in their Pureactive line. This is especially made to get your skin cleaned and deeply. The product within the bottle comes out through the brush with which you draw small circles all over your face while avoiding the eye area. This is a sort of treatment that you feel working as soon as you rinse it. While you are brushing, it gets in your pores and take out the pollution and impurities. Then when you rinse it off, it feel very clean and cold (not due to the water).

Then I use a Avène Cleanance cleansing water, we are getting on the pricier side of my routine though I still feel they are still reasonable: none of these products was more than 15 euros. 
This cleansing water I use like a micellar water though I avoid, once more, the eyes. It is very fresh and does its job at getting all of the impurities at the surface of the skin.

Avène Cleanance Spot treatment
That is it for the casual and classic prevention and everyday way to deal with acne. Now, here comes the fight, the real one, that knocked out many of my face invaders.

First off, is the Spot Treatment as a pencil by Avène. This little thing just has to be applied on each spot individually and it dries them off and diminishes their aspect. 

If you however, need something a little bit stronger, Triacnéal by Avène still, is my go to product. When they say you can feel it when it works; in deed you can. It will be throbbing while it is on the spot and if you let it seat for too long, its tint of yellow will show onto your skin. But it is the most efficient bye bye to your minor acne.
Avène Triacnéal Skin Care

samedi 18 janvier 2014

BLOG: On My Pinterest #6

Those past two weeks, I was looking around at beautiful things and for charming images and ideas. That is always what happens when the year starts and the weather is dreadful. You make your own happiness. No one is going to be coming up, making it for you!

Fancy nails. They remind of designers like Chloe or Céline. Simple and sophisticate work very well together. No need to be wearing anything classy, your hands are doing the trick.

I don't know about you but I always had in a corner of my mind a house in the trees. This one is particularly beautiful. I normally imagine something a bit more closed up but in this one I just think of having a waterproof box with all the "essentials" and the rest can very well be pray to the weather.

The words of Louis Armstrong that you need at least once a month to detach yourself from some of the
things making your life miserable.

And than I thought my feet could be cheated by thinking I am a princess if I wore those... They also remind me of the sort of shoes worn by the late and most beautiful Natasha Richardson when playing in The Parent Trap as the elegant british mum that she was.

Strangely enough all of these tasks are on my weekly calendar and more. This way to put them up and to see them at all times.

If I have a house one day...
What a dangerous way to put a sentence: One day has somehow become the way to say never or maybe if I have time a little bit before that.

Of course some of you out there might think this is a tad creepy but I find them quite cute and romantic. Their little faces are a bit like the ones out of some animation movies.

The cutest and nicest image I found around Pinterest as I was looking for Tea. To be honest, I have made a folder, entitled "Coffee shop" for the simple reason that I always wanted to own a tea room field with books and the smell of bergamote and coffee. But I think it probably what Pinterest is about: your dreams and a little reality of them.

The most impressive and frightening war painted woman I ever saw. It is is magical and reminds me of a french book my parents got me when I was still very young called Grite Parmi Les Loups by Louis Mirman; about a savage little girl raised by wolves.

The perfect blooming tea flower setting.
Though, by now and at my age, there is not much more of a mystery to the technique used. But isn't it a way to stay young and "romantic" to real meaning of the word but to look at the world without asking questions and just enjoy the beauty?