vendredi 20 décembre 2013

PERFUMES: Jean-Paul Gaultier

Gaultier is a fairly young Maison de Couture in the landscape of parisian fashion. Houses like Dior, YSL or Chanel have been around for ever and it also pre-qualified as classic henceforth classy designers.
Perfume: Fragile (discontinued) which smells like Iris flower.
Gaultier had to make his way through the already very crowded world of fashion in Paris. His style is peculiar and iconic in a modern art sort of way.
Perfume: Classique X
His name, as given to him by the world fashion and magazines at his beginning sums this idea up: "L'Enfant Terrible de La Mode".
Perfume: Classique
As a student of art and beauty, I am fascinated by his legacy and his style. It is one of these people I genuinely love though I never, nor probably ever will, met him.
Perfume: Gaultier 2, a unisex fragrance which will be soon discontinued.
I went through many stages in my life when it comes to clothes or perfumes but I was earnest when it comes to what he did, waiting impatiently for his new collection or fragrance.
Perfumes Minionettes: Le Male, Classique, Fleur du male & Madame
He was born in the suburbs in 1952 where he spent his youth. He worked for several prestigious fashion houses. Though his first collection in 1970 was a bust, he kept on trying and became a star with his corsets, sailor style and skirt for men in the 80's.
Perfume: Madame
He started creating perfumes in the 1990's. More than just his craziness within styles, I feel he has something fundamentally classic (no pun with his fragrance). I love the works of the genius creator.
Classique Christmas mini bottle: Joyeux Noël!
All of the perfumes on the pictures are mine. The first one has been bought more than ten years ago and still has a wonderful scent.

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