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As Christmas was around and as I had discovered how wonderful wax tarts could be through the Bridgewater Candle Company (which I can easily find at the flower market on île de la Cité) I went for the O so famously loved by bloggers and Youtubers Yankee Candles. I can just start by telling you: This, is not a nice review. I might get some haters and I don't really mind. I am just going to give you my honest opinion.

Cranberry Ice, Red Apple Wreath & Christmas Eve

I very often give you reviews on perfumes. Every single one of my reviews are on perfumes I wore or that my mother wore and so for a fairly long period of time (more than just a month). I love perfumes but it is true that I like nature and the way it can be magically locked into a little bottle amazes me. This often results in my wearing of a fairly "old school" type of fragrance or a classique. I can be distracted by brand new scents but half of the time they are the special edition of a well-known perfume that may or may not have been my taste to start with.

Apple and Pine Needle, Sugared Apple & Sparkling Cinnamon

All of this will, I hope, explain how and why my opinion on Yankee Candles scent is this one. 
Seeing how lovely (though sometimes a bit strong) were the tarts from Bridgewater or the few muji scented candle my mother got me, I thought that I would treat myself this Christmas with some Yankee Candles.
I picked up a set of ten of their Christmassy scents and one of their tart warmer.
The scents that I got were Cranberry Ice, Red Apple Wreath, Christmas Eve, Apple and Pine Needle, Sugared Apple, Sparkling Cinnamon, Spiced Orange, Christmas Cookie, Snow In Love and Christmas Rose. I am quite aware that these are not the newest scents but as I don't own any to start with they are all new to me.  

Spiced Orange, Christmas Cookie, Snow in Love & Christmas Rose 

Every scent, from those I got, were corresponding to their name tags however, they all have fairly tacky smells and I expected something a bit more subtle or actually with more notes. The fragrances are very chemical smelling and for some of them, very sugary and basically fake. 
I probably sound very mean to these poor little tarts but, as it can happen quite often, I had high expectations so I was even more disappointed. 
The scents I highly dislike but just because they are not my type of scent are Snow in Love and, surprisingly, Apple and Pine Needle I love the smell of a fir or the one of apples.
The others ones I will either burn or give to friends with more of a sweet appreciation.

Flower wax warmer (is a brillant object).

To finish on a very positive note, I love the wax warmer I got from Yankee Candle though. It is much more practical than the other ceramic one I own which is in one part. I am quite probably going to get more of those.

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