vendredi 27 décembre 2013

HOME: Maple Butter (Or Cream), A Recipe

My big brother and I are big fans of Maple Butter. However, as I live in Paris and have Canadian friends it isn't as difficult to find for me. but not a long ago I realized I could just make it myself.
As it turns out, maple cream (as it is also named) is a smooth caramelized version of maple syrup.


- Boil your maple syrup (when it is foaming) up to 112°C (232°F).
- As soon as it reaches the right temperature, get it off the heat.
 - Dip your pan into cold water so that it goes down to 20°C (70°F).
This will take approximately 30 minutes.
- Once it is 20°C, take it out of the water and beat it until it gets creamy
like a spread (it should take around 3 minutes).
- Put it into a container and place it in your fridge.
- Wait at least two hours to take it out and eat it with toasts, 
pancakes or crèpes.

This spread can last up to a month in your fridge.
Enjoy the little heaven this maple butter can be.

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