mardi 3 décembre 2013

BLOG: Relaxation

Contrary to a common believe, it is easy to find cute and especially quiet places in Paris. All the buzzing and fuzzing however can be difficult to handle.Therefore, we try methods and treating yourself is the basis of a well-rested and happy mood. 
As I am originally from the suburbs, I know how stressful and unpleasant commuting everyday to work can be. I cannot, on the other hand, say that I know how boring a job can be as I have only been working with people when I was a waitress.
What is relaxation?
It is the ability to free yourself from stress and relieve your tensed muscles. When you are always running around your muscles tense themselves and get stuck that way. The main aim of relaxation is to get this tension out of the way and with anxiety and stress together.
How to achieve relaxation?
Relaxation is a discipline to start with. You need to do it seriously and regularly. Overall, it would seem to be done in the same layout. 
Firstly, you need to find a space with peace and quiet where you know you won't be disturb until you are done. Then make yourself comfortable either sitting or laying down. You need to feel as at ease as it would be possible. Wear loose clothes and uncross your arms and legs. Try not to have bright lights around and take deep breaths. you can also think about nice things and places because thinking of "nothing" is a little impossible when you start relaxation.
Did it work for me?
I have very little patience,anger management issues and not very good at disciplines. However, I do have a bit of strength of character and follow a few advices for relaxation I found in books and on the internet. No matter how relaxed you manage to get, it is very soothing and agreeable to do. I find that I would advice it to anyone in the city with its never-ending path.

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