samedi 14 décembre 2013

BLOG: On "My"TUBE #4

1. Mini Baby Glitter Christmas Look book by Sprinkle Of Glitter, it reminded me of how my mother used to dress me when I was little.

2. Victorian Christmas Festival Vlog with Grav3yardgirl. I would love to go to one of these fares, I am amazed by this era.

3. Early In The Morning by Vanity Fair, which I discovered in a lovely movie entitled Love and Other Disasters starring Brittany Murphy.

4. How to Handle Annoying Relatives by Dailygrace is as many videos of hers very entertaining and quite colse to what a lot of us are going to encounter these holidays.

5. Christmas Cookies- Clone of Cranberry Bliss Bars Recipe... What more can I say except maybe: Iamy!

6. Last Christmas by Wham! because we only have a little week left till Christmas week, so might as well enjoy it fully.

7. Christmas Smoothie with Tanya Burr by ThatcherJoe, it really maid me laugh and it is just to random not to be funny.

8. Covent Garden Christmas Decorations 2013. When I went to London I only went once to Covent Garden and I found it most charming though I had no idea it was a special place but the decorations they put up this Christmas are tremendous.

9. Jamie's Stress Free Christmas Gravy by Jami OliverI never ate gravy like this really but it looks to die for.

10. The YouTube Boyband by Marcus Butler made me laugh quite a lot, hope you'll enjoy 

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