samedi 7 décembre 2013

BLOG: On "My"TUBE #3

This week, it definitely is Christmas around the web and the Tubes and I was into food and bakery related videos this time.

1. DIY Chocolate Eggnog Face Mask by Miss Glamorazzi which is just so nice and as it is hydrating it works for quite a lot of skin types (and it obviously smells good).
2. My Winter Must-Haves! by Tanya Burr is a very nice little selection of things.
3. The Hobbit House Giant Cupcake Cake by My cupcake addiction is so cute and fun.
4. Holiday Gift Guide for 25$ or less by Samantha Schuerman is really practical and smart.
5. The top 10 Best Mascaras from drugstore to high end by Gossmakeupartist is as usual super professional and helpful especially when your are really not a big mascara specialist like me.
6. My Night Time Routine! by Andreaschoice is a bit more realistic than a lot of the ones you can see from some other beauty gurus and girls on You TUBE.
7. Chocolate Butterfly Decorations Tutorial by How To Cook That is art no matter how "easy" is supposedly is to make and these do seem fairly faisable.
8. Christmas shopping in Harrods with Alfie and Steve by More Zoella is one of these hundreds of vlogmas videos invading You TUBE this year but in this one, you can see how beautiful Harrods, the large and fancy department store in London looks this Christmas.
9. Old Hollywood Inspired Party look with vintage gold by Lisa Elridge is a beautiful look which actually look like the style I very often do.
10. How to Decorate Mini Christmas Cookies! by SweetAmbsCookies I am pretty sure I can't do that but once more I admire.

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