samedi 28 décembre 2013

BLOG: On "My"TUBE #5

A few long videos and lots of festive fun, hope you enjoy as much as I did.

1- Zoella made over her brother into the Grinch as she was dressed as Cindy Loo Who.

2-  Sorry but I love this video and it didn't seem to want to be imported from Youtube so do go see it, here is the link to see a fun and cool jump:

3- This sandwich looks so appetizing and like a monster so Iamyyy!

4- It really is a lovely family and a crazy over the top Christmas but I had a very good time watching this with a cup of coco.

5- It cracks me up and I do agree. I also have to say this made me laugh even before I knew the song itself.

5- Food again! I know, but it really is the best time of the year to give yourself a little extra treat and enjoy food so I do enjoy this little combo of ideas and festive dishes.

6- I enjoy watch little top 10's once in a while and this one is interesting and fun. After watching this, you definitely want to grab a ticket for one of these destinations.

7- My favorite quiz show and I like all of the people in the panel this year so it is fairly long and as usual some of the questions concern things that only preoccupied the UK but overall, it is so funny that you will forget about it and just laugh.

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