jeudi 19 décembre 2013

BLOG: Night time Routine #1: Eating

- A Nice Infusion is a very effective way to sleep well and smoothly. It is easy to have warmer and deeper tastes then some dull infusions and of you don't manage to find any, just use honey, cinnamon and vanilla to twist up your drink a bit.
Teekanne Christmas time infusions
-Lemon Balm can help if you tend not to sleep all right so if you can, look for it when picking up an infusion or homeopathic pills. 
Lemon Balm 
- Essential Oils are very efficient soothers: lavander and sets you can find for relaxation and sleep. Spread a few drops on your pillow or underneath it if you think the scent might be too strong. Otherwise, some have to be placed under your tongue or in warm water. Last way to use them is to place them in a diffusor which will also help against colds and illnesses linked to dryness and cold during winter time.

-Eat less and at least two hours before going to bed. This way, your digestion will be done when you will fall asleep. It would also seem that you should drink a glass of water in between 38  and 39 degree Celsius to relax your stomach and help cleansing it.

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