lundi 2 décembre 2013

BLOG: The Harry Potter TAG (Spoilers)

I am 24 years old, therefore Harry Potter has been my teenage years books. Obviously, it makes me completely partial and I just unconditionally love it.
What is your favorite book? Prisoner of Azkaban ( the 3rd one) especially for Sirius Black.
What is your favorite movie? The Philosopher Stone (the charm of the new).
What is your least favorite book? The 2nd one, The Chamber of Secrets.
What part of the books made you cry? When Fred died, I was just so sad.
If you could hook up with any of the character, which would it be? Ron because he cracks me up
Who is your favorite character? Fred and George.
What would your Patronus be? An Eagle.
If you could have a resurrection stone, invisibility cloak or elder wand, what would you choose? 
I would get an elder wand because I am a trickster.
What house would you be in? Gryffondor.
I f you could meet anyone from the cast who would it be? Maggie Smith.
Have you ever played one of the video games? Nope.
If you were on the Guiddich team, which position would you play? A Beater.
Were you happy with the ending? I liked the one in the books, a bit less in the movies.
How much does Harry Potter mean to you? I really enjoyed waiting for each book to come out and I like it very much my youth wouldn't have been quite the same without it.

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