vendredi 13 décembre 2013

BLOG: Feeling Good

  • Massaging your hand on the part between your thumb and your index finger to relieve the stress; do it in circular motions ten times.
  • If you feel angry or sad, put words on what you feel, it will help to release the pressure and the feeling of being stuck or blocked in a situation.
  • Even if it makes you smile at first, give sophrology a try. Imagine and visualise beauty, memories and nature. It is sweet and nice and you really shouldn't minimise its effects.
  • Though they are gadgets at ties and objects we often have destressing figurines or shapes laying around. Do use them. They are very good to think of nothing and release the tension in your hands especially if you are always working on the computer or phone.
  • Write letters to your friends and family to just remember what is important in life.
  • A shower to wash of the problems is sometimes all it takes.
  • Dancing on your own can also be a good way to release tension and forget about worries.

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