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BLOG: Bye Bye 2013 TAG

Last Article of the year and last video of the year

(after Raphael and Hélène's)

What changed most in your life?

   I didn't go to university anymore. I was suppose to follow a course to become a public writer (for administration but also for creative writing) but it ended up being very similar to the formation I already had. Therefore I ended up being too late to get back to the follow up to the Licence I got last year. I will do that in 2014 or get a reorientation. A year off allowed me to get a better hold on what I actually wanted to do and I needed a period of reflection as I have had been in school since I was 3. And I ended up, since the beginning of the school year (september), working more on the blog, the videos and the shops as if it was my actual job. it felt very nice and interesting.

Which make up product did you use most?

   I was very often on the road since the very beginning of the year. Therefore I needed palettes which could create everything and anything. So I ended up with my Naked Palette by Urban Decay and Glamour On The Go by Too Faced.

Which Bag did you wear most?

   Each year, I think I will change for an other one but I always end up with this little bag which is like an army bag that I got at the Automatic's concert. At the time, it was all army green with just the name of the band embroidered on it. As you can see, over the years, it got some damage done. But I love it and every little scare reminds me of some nice memory.

Which trend did you like best?

   I really enjoy the come back of the baroque. It added a very fun dimension to the classics and to all of the models which could have been boring, it gave a very nice and interesting vibe.

What is your favorite memory with your family?

  I spent the entire month of July with my family road tripping in the North West of the United States and we saw so many different things and different people that I could not be more precise or pick a part of it as the highlight. Here are the few images and articles from that part of the year: Road Trip

What is your favorite memory with your friends?

  I could say all the different times I have been to drop zones though I really did not really jump this year (20 jumps in). Or the few precious moments I got with both my best friends (boy and girl). Check out a part of an awesome time I had with my girl bestie.

Which audacious change in make up?

  Bold lips without hesitation. I always rocked the crazy eyeshadows but I never were crazy with my lips before this year.

 What did you learn?

  I understood how much work it can be if you put effort into a blog (especially if you write everyday) and videos. I really felt it could be a job when done seriously but I also learned many things. When writing about anything, researching and testing methods or products, I always applied the method I use at school and at la Sorbonne which is to cross-reference. It means doing much more work but also being more true to or about anything I mention.

Do you have a new obsession?

   I really enjoy the wax tarts by Bridgewater Candle Company. I am far from being "obsessed" per say but I appreciate the air field with their scent without them overpowering everything.

Did you start a new collection?

   Nope, I always enjoyed having little figures of pixies or elves but I don't by more than 2 a year and I must have ten of them around the house. But I did start this 10 years ago so I would not say it really is a collection.

Was 2013 the best or the worse year for you?

   Neither, I would say that it was more of different and interesting year where I searched for myself and experimented.

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