mercredi 11 décembre 2013

BLOG: The Best Friend TAG

I wasn't on my own for once facing the camera, it was refreshing and fun. I had to edit so much of it out because we on babbling for ever.

- Where and when have we met?  
In 2009 at the University.
- Favorite memory together? 
 Hyde Park at Night in London.

- Describe each other in one word?  
My Best Friend to me is classy grunge, my own Kate Moss. She said I was both crazy & natural.

- What is your dream job?  
She said I would be a accessorize creator and though I said she would want to be a successful lawyer (job), she said that she ideally would want to be rich without having to work, married to a rich man or Prince.  (preferably with a strong british accent).

- What is your favorite make up brand? 
Urban Decay & Benefit for me and Dior & Chanel for my best friend.

- What annoys you about the other?
Nothing much, we both think though little things can surprise you about the other and you can have different opinions, the fact that you are not a child anymore allows you to pick your friends more carefully and not have to spend time with people who annoy you.

- If you could go anywhere in the world? 
She would want to be anywhere warm with a beach. I would like to go to Iceland (among other countries).

- Favorite Inside Joke?
 "Il faut qu'on débrief" among many many other.

- Who takes longer in the bathroom in the morning?  
I do.

- Favorite Season?

- Favorite Song? 
Cristal Ship by the Doors for her and The Man Who Sold The World or Bohemian Rhapsody for me.

- How is it to be friends with someone who is obsessed with YouTUBE?  
Well, the fact is that I am not.

- Heels or Flats?  
She prefers heels and I wear flats.

- Pants or dresses?  
She likes dresses and I like pants.

- Favorite animal?  
She likes cats, I like dragons.

- If your house burnt down and everyone was safe which extra item would you save? 
A few clothes.

- Favorite movie?  
My personal favorite is Dead Poets Society and hers is La Baie Des Anges.

- What is something weird that you eat?
  She likes to eat Brussels sprouts and I like eating fries with mint ice cream. I also learned during the answer of that question she would enjoy trying insects.

- Do you have anything matching? 
 Our styles are very different therefore we don't except that I might have the nail polishes she owns.

- Favorite TV Shows?  
Her personal favorite is American Horror Stories & I enjoy Once upon a time and Elementary lately.

- Comedy, Horror or Chick Flick? 
Horror for her and Comic chick flick for me (no romantic drama though).

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