samedi 21 décembre 2013

BEAUTY: Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay Tutorial

Here is the recipe for the look I rocked in yesterday's video: * Christmas TAG, Christmas Tree and GIANT CANDY *.


1. Conceal and fix all the little imperfections you dont really like on your face.

2. Use a light coverage foundation or a bb cream to suit your natural complexion best.

3. Finish off with powdering up to make it last FOREVER... for around the 10 to 15 hours ou are supposed to go around wearing the same make up.


1. You should put a primer before hand for your make up to last then use a "base" color. I like to use a cream eye shadow so that the following make up grips onto it. Here I used R.S.V.P by Benefit.
2. I take my Naked 3 palette and used Liar at the outer edge of my eyes and in the socket line and Dust as a highlight on the middle of my lid.

3. To open the look, I dabbed a little bit of Call my buff by Benefit on the inner most edge of my lids but sticking with the Naked 3 and Strange would have been very nice as well.

4. I brush my brows and prime my lashes with a clear eyebrow gel.

5. I always finish up my looks with mascara (especially because I only wore lip balm for this video) and I am a big believer in no lumps and spidery looking lashes. Maybe not too long but with a nice disney princess vibe.

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