dimanche 1 décembre 2013

BEAUTY: I Love Bourjois!

You can find their products at some Sephoras, Marionnaud,Nocibé,Monoprix...
Or their specific counter is locate in the Passage du Havre next to Les Grands Magasins, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.
Dotting Tool for small and big dots. It is practical and cute...
Perfect for its use.
Poudre de Riz de Java is an illuminating powder. It is a very
delicate and pretty loose shimmery powder.
It has a cosmetic scent, very fresh and lightly flowery.
The shimmers are tiny and just illuminate, people
won't see them but they will give you an extra glow.
1 Seconde Nail Polish. It only takes one coat.
 The brush is very wide. And it is a silicone texture gel.
The brush can be frightening however it has a very nice finish.
1863 Les Théâtres is a classic holiday red. The most magestic
cold and warm at the same time sort of red.
2013 Bon Anniversaire! is a bold magenta
without any shimmers or specks.
1938 Mais Oui! is a cheer pink with small silver glitters.
It is a very girly color.
1890 Manon Lescaut is a yellow beige color with
tiny specks of gold. I would say that is more of a spring tint.
2006 Clubbing is a cold metallic gold. It would be perfect
if you are going for a classy look this Christmas.
It is discret so that you wear more accessories. 
1928 Soir de Paris is a true metallic blue like the night
and like no other. It is a very "dressed up" type of color.

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