mardi 10 décembre 2013

BEAUTY: "Early In The Morning"

Today, I'll give you some tips to manage waking up as fast and as energized as possible. Fresh as a Rosebud.

#  Try not to be directly thrown in pure and vivid light in the morning. Turn on small lights one after the other or get yourself a light which lights up gradually  #

#  Keep your rich and/or sweet scented shower products for night times and cosy week-ends. On a normal-going to work-morning, get in a shower at 38°C or 39°C for a few minutes then lower the temperature for energetic vertus and use shower products with fresh minty or citrusy scents. Then follow with a rich shower body cream or my personal favorite, shower oil so that you can jump out of the shower into your clothes without having to put on moisturizer and this way you can get out of the door faster  #

 Massage your temples for ten seconds to distress, even if you feel soothed by your night of sleep, in a circular fashion. Then massage your lower lid for ten seconds as well.It will help you get rid of your dark circles and drain your skin  #

#  To help your eyes to wake up, you can also put some ice or a cold spoon on them for a few seconds before massaging your eye contour care in  #

 Always try to have a few different teas lying around to match your mood. And if you are a coffee person either add some different spices to it or you could give black tea a try. Though it is very good for you, jumping directly onto green tea might be trickier taste wise  #

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