mercredi 20 novembre 2013

FASHION: Selection Tribal

From Boohoo, you definitely want tribal within your coats or jackets.
It has more of an accessory ring to it.
A serious shape for a fun twist to your outfit,
from Love Culture. 
This piece is very classy while being cosy
enjoy the way the pattern changes all over
this cardigan from Miss Guided.
Newlook really holds the funkiest of looks
for you but can also have some "printed" basics
just like these items. 
This piece is lovely and from native american inspiration.
I really think it looks like something you can either
wear in the comfort of your home. A crazy girl
like I am could put it on top of a thin pullover to wear it
with the weather we have lately. But you can also dress it up
or add a pretty statement belt to it. Found on Own The Runway.

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