mardi 12 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Review, Christmas The Body Shop

I have had ran some pretty important errands over at the Body Shop for their Christmas collection which took it sweet time to arrive (several mistakes on both the facebook page & the website). And I have had time to use everyone of the products so that is good for you.
I already turned this gigantic gift box into (as it is obvious) a cookie box and emptied it's contents several time (no shame ;) ) & this big soft towel-like sponge is a very nice soft thing to use under the shower... But let's admit nothing tremendous but it is too cute.
Every little body butter from the collection, Ginger, Cranberry and Vanilla. Both Ginger and Cranberry are fairly smooth but the Vanilla is quite thick. The Cranberry lip balm is dynamite: it leave a nice silver shimmer and a lovely berry bite lip.
Ginger is a nice little smell for a shower gel, the scrub felt quite soft to me and I am in love with these scrubbing gloves as they leave my skin in the softest state (used with hydrating shower gel) but you don't need to get them at the Body Shop if you find them elsewhere. 
Love these hand creams, either perfume is lovely and holidayish to me. On the other hand, as it is the second time I get one of those scrubby type of soap, I really am not a big fan. I love my exfoliations but this is just taking my entire skin off... not the best feeling ever...

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