samedi 2 novembre 2013

READ: Amélie Nothomb

Today, I will mention an author more than just a book. Amélie Nothomb is a very prolific belgian writer who has quite her share of admirers throughout France and Belgium. She is especially good at depicting the worse flaws and people. At first, it is always surprising but it invariably turns out to be a crazy fantastic story of a real person who would have been following the worst of him or herself.
Other times, she would tell her autobiography which is, obviously embellished and maid even weirder by her distorted vision of her own reality. For a first one, I would read The Character of Rain (or "La métaphysique des tubes"if you felt like reading it in french) but my personnal favorite is "Hygiene and the Assassin"though I would only recommend it to someone who read a lot and can see the different degrees in what she or he reads.

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