mardi 26 novembre 2013

BLOG: My Winter Reloading Session!

Hi everyone,
  As you might have already noticed, I am very into chasing the stress away during winter. Obviously newspapers and blogs tend not to work out those things when it is summer, because of the holidays and the sun that is always around. Therefore, let me just jump in.

1. The sun!
  You might not be aware of it but the sun is the most powerful source of energy in your life. My favorite thing to do everyday if possible is to take a walk. As I am working at home, it is easier for me because I can add the element of "going without any goal. But even if you are working, you probably can, once in a while, go for a little walk (even if it is just around the block).

2. Burn a candle!
  I enjoy tarts and scented candles as much as the next person however, just lighting up a little tea candle which doesn't smell like anything is soothing. You will look at the flamme for at least a second. There is something very special about fire that is bigger then us. To me, even if you live in a very designed place, cold and modern in the city without any plant, you will nature in when you light up a candle.

3. Take the time to do things!
  Make lists, it is the easiest way to control your pace. Don't go excessively slow but don't rush into things. The smoother you act, the better the result. When you feel like you are drowning a little, take the time to take deep breaths.

4. Eat Cake!
  Nowadays, we go around plenty of places showing you the nicest food but telling you that you should not eat it. Once in awhile, do eat. treat yourself to something rich and good. It might be easier to say for me because I don't really have the money to eat all of the time. But it is nicer to have some days with treats and classic days; This way, you really know what a treat is. And, honey, you deserve a slice of cake sometimes.

5. Let there be music! Or Silence!
   Take the time to seat (or stand) put on some handphones and listen to music. It empties your head like nothing else. Otherwise, as soon as you can when you get back home, turn everything off. No more phone, computer, TV nor music... Silence. And for once, enjoy your own pace.

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