vendredi 15 novembre 2013

FOOD: Hot Drinks for Cold Days

They are simple but very nice to go through the day.
And they also help me not feeling as hungry as you can when the days are getting colder and colder.

Perfect to start the day with
1.  Put one or three teaspoons of white chocolate powder in a mug. 

I have been using Caotina Blanc.
White Chocolate is a source of calcium so it isn't entirely bad for you.
Plus, the obvious, it tastes very nice & comforting 
and this is what this drink is about.

2.  Fill half of the cup with filtered coffee 
Or mix one teaspoon of instant coffee with the chocolate powder 
than fill half of the cup with hot water.

The caffeine will finish to wake you up.

3.  Fill up the rest of the cup with your choice of milk.

To change from your usual coffee mug.
1.  Just place half a teaspoon of flavored tea leaves within a tea bag.

You can buy paper tea bags though they tend to be a bit expensive.
If you want, selected a small square of fabric: either linen or mousseline.
Place the tea in the middle of the square,
then, using a thin thread  or sewing cotton, 
create a little bag by joining up all four corners of the fabric,
keeping the tea well sealed in it.
This way you can use your fabric many times 
(especially if you are careful).

2.  Fill up the with hot water in between 75°C - 95°C.

The precise temperature, for which ever tea you picked, is generally given.

3.  Let it infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

The longer it infuses, the stronger the taste will be.
For green tea, it actually gets bitter over 3 minutes.

4.  Take the tea bag out of the cup and enjoy your caffeine.

Soothing after a long day, helping digestion.
1.  Put some honey in a cup.

 I personally put half a teaspoon to a teaspoon in.

2.  Pour or Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the cup.

Don't put too much and make sure to drink this at least 2 to 3 hours before
going to bed. Otherwise the excess of Vitamin C would keep you awake.
On the other hand, the vitamin C is also going to help with any cold or illness
 you could get from the weather getting colder.

3.  Add hot water to fill up the cup.

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