jeudi 21 novembre 2013

FOOD: Energy Food Good for The Winter

-Vitamin C which is good to prevent cold and illnesses.
-This juice is antibacterial due to the low pH.
- Cleansing your system after the night and
the water will fill your stomack and avoid you to be over eating.
Porridge is a nice way to get your slow sugar before working.
Cinnamon is a good antioxydant and good for the memory.
It helps your circulation -> reduces blood pressure and lower cholesterol.
It is also a soothing way to absorb your magnesium for the day.
Dried fruits are good for your gums or against cavities.
Your digestive system will be working better.
If you pay attention to your sensations, you will feel
you are full in an healthier way.
The dried cranberry will also add up the faculty of intimate comfort.
Bananas are a very good food to take just before going to bed.
Some of its elements are turning into serotonine which will
work as a sedative in your brain. You will sleep better.

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