mercredi 27 novembre 2013

FASHION: Selection, "Le" Fluff

It is getting fluffy in here!
Long and warm items from ASOS:
First a long black dress, watch out though
that it does not turn you into a grizzly looking creature.
Second is a very large leopard print on an ivory canevas. 
At H&M, everything thing can be fluffy. A small jacket,
a fun benne or an oversized turtle neck pullover.
The detail on this top by Miss Guided is
special and makes of this, a fairly original
piece to me.
Pretty and cute. I can really see this sweater from New Look
with a blazer on top when it is not the colder days. 
At Topshop, Fluffy can be edgy. With this short black sweater
or this bright baby pink skirt... It's party night!

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