vendredi 1 novembre 2013

FASHION: Fall Haul: Forever 21, H&M, New Look, Women's Secrets

I spend my life in H&M, they tend to have good basics and I recently realized that it is also a perfect place to find nice and fancy little blazers and spencer if you are on the hunt for good outfits to go to work in a "serious" place. What I got this time definitely isn't very serious but it a bit fancy. After having used them a lot I can finally give a full and objective opinion on the Selected series of Ivory and Rose Gold brushes by H&M: They worth the 3,95 euros and more that they cost. They are well cut, soft, not flimsy and amazingly good looking. I very highly recommend them if you are looking for new or extra brushes. 
The Cashmere Body Butter is very nourishing. Don't get too surprised by the thickness of the product, because it is an actual Butter and it takes a minute or two to get into your skin. Nowadays, the cold has definitely set in, here, in Paris, so you can't say no to a nice replenishing cream.
And for the mask, what can I say... look at it! Isn't it so adorable?

When in need of socks, I always go to New Look. Three pairs of socks with cute little designs for 5 Euros and you pick which ever you like on a large quantity of styles... That rocks my world. This time, I went for the small kitty with fishes on hot pink, the squirrel with acorns on grey and the line of christmasy penguins on sky blue.
The little kitty box I got because... it is the cutest ceramic thing ever, and it is quite practical for me to have this next to my bed to put my jewelry in to make sure my cat won't be playing with it or hide it for herself during the night (yes, she does that for real!). 

My cat decided to join me on that presentation of Women's secrets articles. A lovely pair of PJ's with Disney's Dalmatians on them sleeping on each other. The shorty going with it has plenty of little furry dots as dalmatians have and it is embellished by a very pretty purple bow.
The second item I got is a 7 dwarfs gigantic vanity (to me it really looks big). It is pale rose and the dwarfs are preparatory drawings which are black. I love the apparent simplicity of the design and the extra girliness of it. The material is also water proof which always is a plus for something that will hold liquids.

Still with my kitty, here comes the pièce de résistance: Forever 21. I adore this sweater. It is thin but so cosy and warm! I am guilty of loving cute kitty prints and it doesn't get any cuter than that. The second piece I picked up was this long "bowed up" pink & golden necklace which adds classiness to any outfit.
The little mustaches barrettes are a bit geeky and a bit trendy: cutest ever. The rings, on the other hand, really get their look from the fact that they are black. I find them very sophisticated. Lastly comes the mirror which is very cute but light and when you love to walk around Paris like I do, you already have a enormous bag so making it light while keeping thing cute is always welcome.

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