lundi 11 novembre 2013

BLOG: The Sweater Weather TAG

I am writing down here all of the questions for both videos:

1st Part

* Favorite Candle scent? *
Answer: Remember When, Frosted Berry and Caramel Apples by Bridgewater Cie Candles.

* Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate? *
Answer: Coffee

* What is your best fall memories? *
Answer: Fetching Chestnuts with my mum and brother and fetching mushrooms with my grand father.

* Dark Lips or winged Eyeliner? *
Answer: Dark Lips; Coffee Shimmer by Rimmer and Lip Liner n°11 Spice by Rimmel

* Best Fragrance for Fall? *
Anything Vanilla in the sweet (food), crème brulée style.

* What is the Autumn like where you live? *
 Answer: Windy, Brown leaves, generally gloomy and cold weather but with some very sunny and pretty days.

2nd Part

* Favorite Thanksgiving Food? *
Answer: Apple Pie à la mode with Cinnamon.

* Most worn Sweater? *
Answer: These two

* Must-have nail polishes for fall? *
Answer: Hampton Court Palace Gardens by Nails Inc. & Belgravia Gardens by Nails Inc..

* Football games or Jumping in leaf piles? *
Answer: Jumping in leaf piles.

* Skinny Jeans or leggings? *
Answer: Leggings, especially those ones (totally worth the price):
* Combat boots or uggs? *
Answer: Combat Boots, Dc Martens

* Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? *
Answer: I don't really know but for some reason, I would say yes.

* Fav fall TV shows? *
Answer: Elementary, Once Upon A Time, The Blacklist & Sleepy Hollow

* What song gets you in the fall spirit? *
Answer: "La Belle Vie"(the original version) by Sacha Distel or the english version, "The Good Life"by Tony Bennett. 
Have fun doing it yourself on your own blog or You Tube Channel, I tag all of you.
Have a Great day, an Awesome week, a Fantastic month and an Amazing year.

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