dimanche 24 novembre 2013

BLOG: On My Pinterest #2

A week after posting my favorite pictures from my Pinterest, it just came to me that a lot of my friends enjoy my blog but don't have (nor sometimes want) a Pinterest account. This way I can also check for my personal "best of" Pinterest. And just so you know, the same thing happened with my Instagram therefore, a selection might come around one of these days.
This makes think about so many
Christmas memories and books:
when I see this, I see "Little Women",
Dickens and former Christmases,
I am a fan of classic Christmas colors and warmth.
Tracy Chapman, a fantastic woman,
a tremendous voice.

Beauty in London. Snow just add a very
subtle feeling of silence and soft.
A lovely little jar of maple butter, I can taste it by looking
at it.
The pretty entrance hidden of a Tea room.
To know your way around Hogwarts,
it is always useful.
Laura Mercier treats for bath and shower
if one day, I am rich and have good tastes.
When dresses look this good on a hanger
they shouldn't stay on it.
Apple Cinnamon Rolls...
Need to have some!

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