lundi 25 novembre 2013


The Christmas TAG (by Zoella)

- When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
   When it is getting cold out and the days get shorter.

- Do you still have advent calendars?
   No, I don't but I'd love to.

- What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
   Love Actually, The Grinch, The Holiday, Home for the Holidays.

- Do you have a funny Christmas memory?
   I, once went out for a Christmas Eve and spend all night out. I came back home around 9 a.m. of the nicest of nights of my life however, I was extremely tired and hangover. I went super silently to my room, my head was 10 mm from my pillow when my little brother burst into my room saying: "You're here! Let's go wake mum and dad up!" And off we were, a second day on without sleep.

- Talk us through your typical Christmas day?
   Wake up as early as possible, get the parents to get up, opening presents, eating "brunch" and play with the presents. 

- Do you have any Christmas traditions?
   Not really except for the Christmas dinner.

- Which are your favorite Christmas songs?
   Otis Redding' ones.

- What is the best Christmas Present you ever received?
   When I was a little girl, my present has been a Corolle doll with a red velvet coat and wavy brown hair. Last Christmas, I got my "grown-up" favorite present which is the long coat worn by Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood. It is a little bit to big for me but it is the warmest and I love it.

-Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
   Fake because, at my parents, we only have had two Christmas for my entire life so far and I enjoyed them very much. But I like the classic green ones, I enjoy my Christmas in traditional colors.

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