samedi 16 novembre 2013

BLOG: Carpe Diem

Hey, lately I have been looking at stress and how difficult it is at times to deal with life for women especially it would seem.
Worry, worry, worry...
For a little while now, I have been living in the now and it is a very good remedy against stress and break downs. If you let it get you, it will be very difficult to fight back. You should enjoy your life in the fashion you want. And if the will is there, you will succeed.


- If you put yesterday and big plans for tomorrow aside, you can understand what is actually going on in your life. Then If you can do something about what is wrong, do it. Otherwise, just move on, let go. You are the center of your own world, don't let other elements (people & other things) define you. If you embrace life, are happy and fulfilled , you will also make people you care about love you even more. 
"Embrace life"

-Do what you want ! As long as it does not hurt anyone and makes you true to yourself, do it. Find what is it you want to do and cling to it as strongly as you possibly can. But while achieve your goal, be like a reed and don't break or achieving it at the first difficulty. 

"Take some "me" time"
-Take some "me" time once a day. Don't overthink anything or analyse, just enjoy. Whether it is a hot drink, a song, a book... Just unplug from "reality" and just enter your own Reality.

- Enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Walk a little bit slower to observe it. it will show itself to be so much bigger than you that it will help you put things in perspective.

"Enjoy Nature"
Life for today as if there were no tomorrow. Not because you are afraid of dying but because your life will be so fulfilling and interesting if you rule. No one can live your life for you.

Have a nice day!

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