lundi 4 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Shower Products and Oils

I will start with the glamorous of all the items though it is a very good product.
The honey shampoo by Le Petit Marseillais has a very smooth
formula and does not really smell like honey. Its scent is cleaner than
a food smell but it is a very soft and comfortable smell which
won't overpower your perfume the way some shampoos do.
This could be a high end product or something I would have found in a pharmacy.
This is a very liquid formula of which the scent might not suit everyone.
It smells a lot of the several natural oils that are within the final product.
But it does leave your skin extremely soft.
Do not judge a book by his cover or this Oil by its brand or consistency.
It is much thicker than what you would expect of a shower oil but it actually
is easier to handle this way. The scent of this product is very nice but not the one
of typical argan oil however.

Of all of these products, this is the most "spa" like treatment.
This product scent is especially the one of
flower of orange tree. Enjoyable whether you want a long bath
or treat yourself even during a fast before-going-out shower.
Holiday oil. This formula maid for sensitive skins but the best part
about this product is its scent. The smell of Monoï is soothing and
it is perfect in a bath while the rain is falling on the windows.
Milk Shower Cream
by Le Petit Marseillais.
It is just like applying a body
lotion in the shower.
Vanilla Shower Cream. They smell
like clean vanilla 

Vanilla Soap, softer than savon de Marseilles
 but cleans just as well plus the scent.

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