vendredi 29 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Review Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel & Sparkle 2

Today, I am talking you through my first purchase of Sleek products and I can already tell you before hand that I am very pleased with them.

i-Divine Au Naturel
Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel
The Eye Shadows:
Nougat is a warm ivory white.
Nubuck is a mat grey.
Cappucino is a mat very light taupe.
* Honeycomb is a very light and peachy yellow.
Toast is a very warm peach.
* Taupe is a very light pink with silver shimmers.
Conker is a warm brown with golden and red shimmers.
Moss is a light brown with an olive undertone.
Bark is a very dark taupe.
Mineral Earth is a very dark brown with cold toned tiny shimmers.
Regal is a dark chocolate brown.
Noir is a perfect mat black.
It is a very good basics palette. Meaning also that for this holiday period it would be the right present for anyone. Due to the amount of mat colors, it would suit many ages as well. You manage either very dramatic or very nude looks with this palette.

i-Divine Sparkle 2 (limited edition)
Sleek i-Divine Sparkle 2 (limited edition)
The Eye shadows:
Chocolate penny, a warm golden bronze with small golden shimmers.
Blue Spruce, a deep turquoise with blue shimmers.
Mulled Wine, a wine red with many loose golden glitters.
Truffle, a very dark taupe with cool toned shimmers.
Misteltoe, a pine tree green, very christmasy though quite dark with loose green shimmers.
Illusion, a very deep purple with altogether blue, white and red shimmers.
Festive, a purple with many silver glitters.
Gold Ribbon, an almost mat classic gold (as if unpolished).
Glitz & Glamour, a very dark grey with cool toned glitters.
Tinsel, a pure silver almost lavender.
Twinkle, a marine blue with multicolored specks.
Starry Night, a mat black with small multi colored shimmers.
It would be quite difficult to achieve a put-together look with this palette. You would need some need to blend it all on. And keep in mind that some of the tints here are very loose pigments. You can consider having some tape around to tidy up your cheeks after use or do your foundation after hand.

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