dimanche 24 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: "How to" Layering

Layering is the technical word for a skincare routine which includes many "layers" of products. Each of these layers is playing a different role in keeping your skin in the best health possible.

I discovered this precise technic as I was doing some research on which skincare routine could help with my very pale skin which is turning red at the least weather change or mood swing. It is used all over Asia and has been very well laid out by Japanese women.

I might surprise some of you but though she pretends not to care really (nor have the time for), my mother is very good at doing it and I feel as soon as you are a bit interested in skincare and beauty, you practice layering. However, there is a specific order in which it is preferable to put your "layers" on.

To Do Every Morning & Every Night

Firstly, you can use an oil make up remover to get impurities of your skin. 
Then use a cleansing gel solution which does not include soap in its composition, it will leave the natural amount of oil your skin needs not to dry out.
 At this point, you can apply a fresh lotion (floral water for instance) which will purify your skin and give some shine back into it. 
Serums are very hydrating to your skin and are the most efficient skincare product you can find. This is also the reason why they tend to be expensive. Dab it on your face and massage on the face in circular motions to activate better circulation. 
It is then time for your eye contour cream. Once more dab and massage into the skin to activate microcirculation and drain the skin. 
Put on your anti-aging cream on the wrinkles and on the spots where wrinkles tend to form when you move you face.
The next step is hydration. Apply your moisturizing cream in the middle of your face and extend it throughout massaging to the edges. Keep on applying the products in circular motion to avoid creating lines.
Last step, put on a rich lip balm to prevent.


It is a very good way to treat your skin the best way possible and at the same time, treat yourself. Every single product you apply on your skin, you apply in a massaging and soothing motion. More than skincare, it allows you to relax and wash off the sleepiness in the morning and the work and worries of the day in the evening.

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