mercredi 27 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Groovy Kind-A Love! Palette Review by Benefit (Everyday Make Up)

Hey, today, I am reviewing a very lovely Christmas Palette.
Groovy Kind-A Love! Palette by Benefit
I think it is a complete product which would please many out there.
What do you get in there?
- A mini POREfessional (7.5 mL) which is a very good primer. It minimizes the pores aspect and keeps make up to go in them. I am a big fan of this formula.
- They're Real tiny Mascara (4 mL). I never see real differences in between mascaras and this one, to me, is good but I don't like it neither more nor less then my Rimmel Accelerator. What is nice is that it is included in a palette, which is pretty rare normally.
-A small Bene Tint (4 mL) cheek and lip stain. I enjoy Posie Tint better (a barbie pink formula of the stain) but this is because I am a romantic (most certainly). This product is quite nice in regard of the fact that it lasts forever on and really gives a tint to your lips or cheeks. And a small amount goes a long way.

-Dandelion and Gimme Fever (1.5g) are both a blush and a highlighter. Dandelion is a very soft peachy pink (mat) which gives a natural flushed color to your cheeks. On the other side, Gimme Fever is an "old rose" type of color and shimmery highlighter. The shimmers are silver (cooled toned) but I would advice to go lightly with this product.

- 4 Eye Shadows of 1.2 g each. 
The first color, from the left to the right, is Tickle My Ivory which is a very bright ivory beige with a mat powdery finish (reminds me of snow).
The second one is Gilt-y Pleasure, a warm coppery gold with a golden undertone and golden shimmers in it.
The third color is Shimmer Down, my personal favorite of the lot, a nice taupe brown with silver and golden shimmers but over all a rather cold toned shadow.
The last one is Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy which is a bold chestnut brown with red and gold specks in it.

- It also comes with a leaflet with some make up ideas, an eye shadow applicator and a blush brush. This only thing missing is a foundation and you are good to go for nude, everyday looks and vampier ones.

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