jeudi 14 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Dry Brushing

Take the brush which will be the best for you, size and roughness..
I have to admit, up until a few weeks ago, I didn't know about dry brushing. Since then I did some researches and managed to understand how the entire process of the cheap and efficient exfoliation. 

Where did it all start ?
It really seems to have been a custom all around the globe in ancient times and through many civilisations ( in Asia and the Mediterranean Sea). Bath hasn't always been considered as an obvious way to wash. It was mainly a way of relaxing. On the other hand, dry brushing was the way to clean yourself in an efficient fashion. 

How to proceed ?
Take a completely dry brush and make sure your body is utterly dry as well. Brush your entire body while describing small circular motions. Do not brush over your face though.
When you are done, tap the brush over a dustbin. 
Start maybe by doing it two days a week than up to once a day.
If you want to do it everyday, get several brushes. So that you will be able to wash them and let them dry in between uses. 

What does it do ?
The obvious benefit is the exfoliation but the major one is the deep cleansing effect of this technic.
It activates circulation therefore it is good against cellulite, "heavy legs" feeling & detoxifies by assisting the lymphatic system.

Don't hesitate to try.

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