vendredi 8 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Bangs Bangs & Jane Seymour

I always have the oddest hair, as you would have noticed if you know me or if you saw any of my videos. On the other hand, as I always read and talk about trends and fashion friends, though I am not always applying it well to myself, they come to me with questions about anything & everything concerning their appearance.
My mum, who has long hair, can't stop asking about bangs. She wore one for most of her life and stopping my research for a second, I realized what the evolution of Jane Seymour's hair had been. Odd observation but her style applies well to my mum. So I imagine, it could work for many mature women, or not so mature, who cherish their long hair but like to mix it up.
Basically the evolution has been:
- No bangs & hair line in the middle
- Hair line on the side, to make it look like the fullness of your hair is only on one side.
- Long full-on bangs (contrary to Kate Moss) but a bit sparse not to look forehead-less.
- finally, side bang which, to me, is the combo of everything she did with her hair and it gives a trendy yet powerful look.

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