samedi 30 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: November Favorites

Cath Kidston Manucure Gift Set: 
Hand Cream, Hand Scrub, File and Cuticule Cream
The nicest "Blossom" fragranced full treatment.
Nails Inc The Icons:
Tate, a Classic Red, Old Bond Street, a vibrant violet and George Street, a mink.
Rosebud Company Minted Rose Lip Balm
The most Nourishing and rich Lip Balm.
Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel

Milk Concentrate by L'Occitane
This on is my second jar, but a little bit goes a long way; 
A pot like this one would last me at least 6 months though I use it every day.
Almond Shower Oil
I love this product and once more it is not my first "bottle" though I always got the small ones in their "best of" sets.
OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums Beach Pareo
Rêve de Miel Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream
It is my second tube... It is very nourishing and its scent is very clean & soothing.
New Look Belt
Cranberry Joy Body Butter
Barettes from Hema
Bio Beauté Eye Contour Care
Poudre de Riz de Java by Bourjois
Vitamin E Serum by The Body Shop

BLOG: On "My"TUBE #2

From the 24th to the 30th of November"

1. The Top Holiday Make Up Palettes and Gift Sets by Emilynoel93
  She is always so professional and concise and efficient in her descriptions. i really enjoy her overview of the palettes for these holidays.

2. The Household Makeup Challenge with Louise and Zoella by Zoella
   I put it here because watching this video, and especially Louise, I laughed harder than ever.

3.Soap Box Unboxing (Nightmare before Christmas) by grav3yardgirl.
  I am a big fan of bath products and soaps and the things in this specific box seem so neat.

4. The Chanel n°5 Commercial
These ads always are the best and most refined but the one they have right now is my very favorite.

5. Doctor Who for Math Nerds by Josh Sundquist
Remembering the birthday

6. Beautiful Kyoto by Philippmikio2
Just enjoy the landscape and images.

7. Interview with Coco Chanel in 1969
The definition of elegance by Mademoiselle Chanel.

8. Thanksgiving day Translation by Myhrato
Can apply to all family reunion really

9. Panda Mini Oreo Cheesecake by Nerdi Nummies

10. Anna Wintour
"To be in Vogue has to mean something."

vendredi 29 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Review Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel & Sparkle 2

Today, I am talking you through my first purchase of Sleek products and I can already tell you before hand that I am very pleased with them.

i-Divine Au Naturel
Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel
The Eye Shadows:
Nougat is a warm ivory white.
Nubuck is a mat grey.
Cappucino is a mat very light taupe.
* Honeycomb is a very light and peachy yellow.
Toast is a very warm peach.
* Taupe is a very light pink with silver shimmers.
Conker is a warm brown with golden and red shimmers.
Moss is a light brown with an olive undertone.
Bark is a very dark taupe.
Mineral Earth is a very dark brown with cold toned tiny shimmers.
Regal is a dark chocolate brown.
Noir is a perfect mat black.
It is a very good basics palette. Meaning also that for this holiday period it would be the right present for anyone. Due to the amount of mat colors, it would suit many ages as well. You manage either very dramatic or very nude looks with this palette.

i-Divine Sparkle 2 (limited edition)
Sleek i-Divine Sparkle 2 (limited edition)
The Eye shadows:
Chocolate penny, a warm golden bronze with small golden shimmers.
Blue Spruce, a deep turquoise with blue shimmers.
Mulled Wine, a wine red with many loose golden glitters.
Truffle, a very dark taupe with cool toned shimmers.
Misteltoe, a pine tree green, very christmasy though quite dark with loose green shimmers.
Illusion, a very deep purple with altogether blue, white and red shimmers.
Festive, a purple with many silver glitters.
Gold Ribbon, an almost mat classic gold (as if unpolished).
Glitz & Glamour, a very dark grey with cool toned glitters.
Tinsel, a pure silver almost lavender.
Twinkle, a marine blue with multicolored specks.
Starry Night, a mat black with small multi colored shimmers.
It would be quite difficult to achieve a put-together look with this palette. You would need some need to blend it all on. And keep in mind that some of the tints here are very loose pigments. You can consider having some tape around to tidy up your cheeks after use or do your foundation after hand.

mercredi 27 novembre 2013

FASHION: Selection, "Le" Fluff

It is getting fluffy in here!
Long and warm items from ASOS:
First a long black dress, watch out though
that it does not turn you into a grizzly looking creature.
Second is a very large leopard print on an ivory canevas. 
At H&M, everything thing can be fluffy. A small jacket,
a fun benne or an oversized turtle neck pullover.
The detail on this top by Miss Guided is
special and makes of this, a fairly original
piece to me.
Pretty and cute. I can really see this sweater from New Look
with a blazer on top when it is not the colder days. 
At Topshop, Fluffy can be edgy. With this short black sweater
or this bright baby pink skirt... It's party night!

BEAUTY: Groovy Kind-A Love! Palette Review by Benefit (Everyday Make Up)

Hey, today, I am reviewing a very lovely Christmas Palette.
Groovy Kind-A Love! Palette by Benefit
I think it is a complete product which would please many out there.
What do you get in there?
- A mini POREfessional (7.5 mL) which is a very good primer. It minimizes the pores aspect and keeps make up to go in them. I am a big fan of this formula.
- They're Real tiny Mascara (4 mL). I never see real differences in between mascaras and this one, to me, is good but I don't like it neither more nor less then my Rimmel Accelerator. What is nice is that it is included in a palette, which is pretty rare normally.
-A small Bene Tint (4 mL) cheek and lip stain. I enjoy Posie Tint better (a barbie pink formula of the stain) but this is because I am a romantic (most certainly). This product is quite nice in regard of the fact that it lasts forever on and really gives a tint to your lips or cheeks. And a small amount goes a long way.

-Dandelion and Gimme Fever (1.5g) are both a blush and a highlighter. Dandelion is a very soft peachy pink (mat) which gives a natural flushed color to your cheeks. On the other side, Gimme Fever is an "old rose" type of color and shimmery highlighter. The shimmers are silver (cooled toned) but I would advice to go lightly with this product.

- 4 Eye Shadows of 1.2 g each. 
The first color, from the left to the right, is Tickle My Ivory which is a very bright ivory beige with a mat powdery finish (reminds me of snow).
The second one is Gilt-y Pleasure, a warm coppery gold with a golden undertone and golden shimmers in it.
The third color is Shimmer Down, my personal favorite of the lot, a nice taupe brown with silver and golden shimmers but over all a rather cold toned shadow.
The last one is Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy which is a bold chestnut brown with red and gold specks in it.

- It also comes with a leaflet with some make up ideas, an eye shadow applicator and a blush brush. This only thing missing is a foundation and you are good to go for nude, everyday looks and vampier ones.

mardi 26 novembre 2013

BEAUTY: Deodorant 48h....?

Grabbing my deodorant after my morning shower, I noticed a mention I did really notice before: "48h". The bottle being almost done, I went to the shop to get a new one.
I thought 48h hours was a fairly large amount of time for you to find a shower. I remembered with a smile that golden age of my youth and my first deodorants and the mention "24h" as if it was unbelievably advanced science.
However, it is true that nowadays if you want a product to sell, it has to be better,faster,stronger but still. Personnal hygiene is in deed personnal but i don't know if it is logical for a device which technically designed to make someone smell good to be advertised the way.
For some stupid reasons, it reminds me of the ancient times, when people spread perfumes to scare the smell away and it should not be like this.

BLOG: My Winter Reloading Session!

Hi everyone,
  As you might have already noticed, I am very into chasing the stress away during winter. Obviously newspapers and blogs tend not to work out those things when it is summer, because of the holidays and the sun that is always around. Therefore, let me just jump in.

1. The sun!
  You might not be aware of it but the sun is the most powerful source of energy in your life. My favorite thing to do everyday if possible is to take a walk. As I am working at home, it is easier for me because I can add the element of "going without any goal. But even if you are working, you probably can, once in a while, go for a little walk (even if it is just around the block).

2. Burn a candle!
  I enjoy tarts and scented candles as much as the next person however, just lighting up a little tea candle which doesn't smell like anything is soothing. You will look at the flamme for at least a second. There is something very special about fire that is bigger then us. To me, even if you live in a very designed place, cold and modern in the city without any plant, you will nature in when you light up a candle.

3. Take the time to do things!
  Make lists, it is the easiest way to control your pace. Don't go excessively slow but don't rush into things. The smoother you act, the better the result. When you feel like you are drowning a little, take the time to take deep breaths.

4. Eat Cake!
  Nowadays, we go around plenty of places showing you the nicest food but telling you that you should not eat it. Once in awhile, do eat. treat yourself to something rich and good. It might be easier to say for me because I don't really have the money to eat all of the time. But it is nicer to have some days with treats and classic days; This way, you really know what a treat is. And, honey, you deserve a slice of cake sometimes.

5. Let there be music! Or Silence!
   Take the time to seat (or stand) put on some handphones and listen to music. It empties your head like nothing else. Otherwise, as soon as you can when you get back home, turn everything off. No more phone, computer, TV nor music... Silence. And for once, enjoy your own pace.

lundi 25 novembre 2013


The Christmas TAG (by Zoella)

- When do you start getting excited about Christmas?
   When it is getting cold out and the days get shorter.

- Do you still have advent calendars?
   No, I don't but I'd love to.

- What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
   Love Actually, The Grinch, The Holiday, Home for the Holidays.

- Do you have a funny Christmas memory?
   I, once went out for a Christmas Eve and spend all night out. I came back home around 9 a.m. of the nicest of nights of my life however, I was extremely tired and hangover. I went super silently to my room, my head was 10 mm from my pillow when my little brother burst into my room saying: "You're here! Let's go wake mum and dad up!" And off we were, a second day on without sleep.

- Talk us through your typical Christmas day?
   Wake up as early as possible, get the parents to get up, opening presents, eating "brunch" and play with the presents. 

- Do you have any Christmas traditions?
   Not really except for the Christmas dinner.

- Which are your favorite Christmas songs?
   Otis Redding' ones.

- What is the best Christmas Present you ever received?
   When I was a little girl, my present has been a Corolle doll with a red velvet coat and wavy brown hair. Last Christmas, I got my "grown-up" favorite present which is the long coat worn by Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood. It is a little bit to big for me but it is the warmest and I love it.

-Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
   Fake because, at my parents, we only have had two Christmas for my entire life so far and I enjoyed them very much. But I like the classic green ones, I enjoy my Christmas in traditional colors.

dimanche 24 novembre 2013

BLOG: On My Pinterest #2

A week after posting my favorite pictures from my Pinterest, it just came to me that a lot of my friends enjoy my blog but don't have (nor sometimes want) a Pinterest account. This way I can also check for my personal "best of" Pinterest. And just so you know, the same thing happened with my Instagram therefore, a selection might come around one of these days.
This makes think about so many
Christmas memories and books:
when I see this, I see "Little Women",
Dickens and former Christmases,
I am a fan of classic Christmas colors and warmth.
Tracy Chapman, a fantastic woman,
a tremendous voice.

Beauty in London. Snow just add a very
subtle feeling of silence and soft.
A lovely little jar of maple butter, I can taste it by looking
at it.
The pretty entrance hidden of a Tea room.
To know your way around Hogwarts,
it is always useful.
Laura Mercier treats for bath and shower
if one day, I am rich and have good tastes.
When dresses look this good on a hanger
they shouldn't stay on it.
Apple Cinnamon Rolls...
Need to have some!

BEAUTY: "How to" Layering

Layering is the technical word for a skincare routine which includes many "layers" of products. Each of these layers is playing a different role in keeping your skin in the best health possible.

I discovered this precise technic as I was doing some research on which skincare routine could help with my very pale skin which is turning red at the least weather change or mood swing. It is used all over Asia and has been very well laid out by Japanese women.

I might surprise some of you but though she pretends not to care really (nor have the time for), my mother is very good at doing it and I feel as soon as you are a bit interested in skincare and beauty, you practice layering. However, there is a specific order in which it is preferable to put your "layers" on.

To Do Every Morning & Every Night

Firstly, you can use an oil make up remover to get impurities of your skin. 
Then use a cleansing gel solution which does not include soap in its composition, it will leave the natural amount of oil your skin needs not to dry out.
 At this point, you can apply a fresh lotion (floral water for instance) which will purify your skin and give some shine back into it. 
Serums are very hydrating to your skin and are the most efficient skincare product you can find. This is also the reason why they tend to be expensive. Dab it on your face and massage on the face in circular motions to activate better circulation. 
It is then time for your eye contour cream. Once more dab and massage into the skin to activate microcirculation and drain the skin. 
Put on your anti-aging cream on the wrinkles and on the spots where wrinkles tend to form when you move you face.
The next step is hydration. Apply your moisturizing cream in the middle of your face and extend it throughout massaging to the edges. Keep on applying the products in circular motion to avoid creating lines.
Last step, put on a rich lip balm to prevent.


It is a very good way to treat your skin the best way possible and at the same time, treat yourself. Every single product you apply on your skin, you apply in a massaging and soothing motion. More than skincare, it allows you to relax and wash off the sleepiness in the morning and the work and worries of the day in the evening.

samedi 23 novembre 2013

BLOG: On "My"TUBE #1

From the16th to the 23rd of November 2013

1. Hogwarts at Christmas by More Zoella
     I have had the best of times watching the videos this lovely bunch of Youtubers post. I would love to go to Hogwarts.
2. Mean Girls by Brittani
   She has a lot of energy and she really has a point.
3. My Beauty Faves by Sprinkle of Glitter
    Love what Louise loves.
4. Renaissance Festival by Grav3yardgirl
    Once again, a great time following Bunny around in a magical place.
5. How to get a good night sleep by A model recommends.
    She always publishes the nicest videos and really have good tips.
6. The eye of the tiger on Supernatural
    Cracks me up each times.
7. Tea cup cookies by SweetAmbsCookies
    This, is art.
8. Gardens of the world with Audrey Hepburn
    A lovely walk with a lovelier hostess.
9.Holiday gifts ideas for Grandma, Aunties by Lisa Eldridge
   I love Lisa and her advises, she is charming and professional.
10. Betty in Blunderland
    Love old little cartoons.

vendredi 22 novembre 2013


Elle écrit enfin un peu dans sa langue maternelle! Il était temps! Encore un nouveau blog et on se serait presque dis qu’elle était sacrément dilettante c’te tit bout de femme. Une autre théorie tendrait à nous la faire voir incapable d’aligner un nombre décent de mots en français (et vous seriez loin d’avoir tort).

Cependant, si l'on met ça de coté, cela fait foutrement du bien d’écrire dans sa langue natale bien que mon language ne soit que moyennement châtié (non, pour les jeunes gens amener à lire ces lignes, cela n’a rien à voir avec le terme chatte: noté l’accent circonflexe, je vous pris!) et bien que je ne parle maintenant que quelques heures par semaine, le français. 
Encore une fois, je me livre à l’exercice de l’écriture avec le vain espoir de m’en tenir à cette pratique exutoire tout en sachant pertinemment que je ne le ferais pas.
Je vous promets ne pas avoir l’intension de m’arrêter.

Comme cela peut-être fatiguant de se prétendre bilingue! Ce n’est pas que l’exercice ne me fasse le plus grand bien. Malgré tout, le «bon mot» est terriblement difficile à traduire. Cependant, il n’y a jamais eu de moment sans que je ne me dises «  En voilà un contre sens béant de stupidité, de crétinerie ou de débilité plus profonde que le Larzac ! »
Et il y a la possibilité que je me leurre et prétende à une ignorance qui ne cacherait que mon aspect défectueux face à la langue… Non, ça ne doit pas être cela. Il en faut du temps pour se rendre compte que la relation humane est faite de compromis. Personnellement, j’ai eu la chance de passer 24 (croyais-je) glorieuses années à ne compromettre qu’au minimum syndical toutes mes relations. Cela à résulter en un nombre restreints d’amitiés qui ont pour grands mérites d’être sincères.

Tout ceci ne comprend, bien entendu, pas une cohabitation avec l’autre et un partage quasi-total de nombreux éléments. Afin de parvenir à un certain équilibre, il faut faire des compromis et pour se faire il ne faut pas être orgueilleux. Justement il se trouve que, malgré un don assez certain pour l’adaptation, lorsqu’il s’agit de mon lieu de travail ou d’autres circonstances anecdotiques ; je suis incapable de « m’adapter » à l’Autre et n’attend rien de celui-ci.
Il est sûrement maintenant aisé de comprendre dans quelle position assez problématique je me trouve lorsqu’il s’agit de construire quelque chose à long terme. Handicapée de l’amour… Diantre! Que cette formule est ronflante!  Il n’empêche que c’est assez bien trouvé. La quête est plus longue mais le résultat n’en est que plus réjouissant.

jeudi 21 novembre 2013

FASHION: Happy Birthday Doctor !!! (50 years anniversary of Doctor Who)

I really enjoy Doctor Who and Torchwood therefore I had to a little post for him. I have to admit that, like a lot of people out there, I only watched the "new" doctors meaning numbers 9,10 and 11. My favorite one is David Tennant though I really enjoyed watching all three of the doctors I have seen. It will be interesting  to see a new older doctor. I feel they are going to go into the dark side... 

"Allons-y " On Hot Topic

On Etsy
I had to put my own little input so I am sorry for my own promotion however, here are the two sets of badges I maid for my shops for the 50th Anniversary

FASHION: Tote bags Selection #1

Hot Topic
Hot Topic
Etsy Wear Me Gear