mercredi 9 octobre 2013

FASHION: Selection: Shorts Are Still In

On Boohoo, the New Zealand Website,
the trend is obviously slowly evolving into spring and summer.
It doesn't mean it is completely unwearable.
It actually would mean you will be wearing shorts ahead of your time.
 I picked a pair of denim shorts with a simple tribal print,
fancy high-waisted shorts which you can dress up and
 that fun and lovely "boyfriend's" old school boxer shorts.
I found the fanciest pair of
this selection on Love Culture.
The pointy triangular shape of the
coverup warp around skirt over the shorts
make them elegant and sophisticated though
they are really short.
This little pair from New Look is, to me,
the classic and ultimate pair of distressed denim shorts.
I picked the pink ones because blue would just be boring.
And, yes, though it was big in spring and summer,
it doesn't mean you have to stop wearing pastels!
Last but not least comes the prettiest and loveliest of all
and also the longest though I do enjoy the contrast of
wearing tiny shorts with thick tights. This pair has a very
simple cute and design but the material is luxurious and a
s velvety as it is glittery:
If, just like me you are living in Europe or in a country where fall or autumn is a rather cold season most days, shorts wouldn't be the classic options for everyone. A friend of mine once told someone we had just met, to describe me, that I was the girl always wearing shorts, weird tights and high Dc Martens... Come rain or come shine. I can't say it isn't true. And it is particularly nice in fall. It isn't quite hot enough yet for you to feel too cold and it always gives an edge to an outfit even if both shorts and tights and boots are black. Here is a little selections of the nicest items I found online and in shops.

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