mardi 22 octobre 2013


Knitwear is in again. Whether you like warm thick fabric or a thin layer to discretely add to an outfit, you will find it this season. This year once more, the thin fabrics are quite fun and they show quite a lot of lovely patterns. The thick ones are very much like "granny" pullovers.
LOOOOONG Grandpa types of pullovers. This is
what you can find on Asos website. And though the dress-like
sweater is fine and can be worn in a fairly fancy way,
I do like the overly large and cosy kntiwear. The
extra detail which makes it cool is the color which
is my favorite (from this one here all the way
to deep purple and lavender).
The pure vintage feel
comes from Boohoo. There is an
alpine and old school cosy
 feel to it. The big chunky
flowers are fun and tender.

On Love Culture, they have the most westerny items allover.
The maxi cardigan is a nice and casual alternative to a coat on
the warm days of autumn which almost give us a Indian summer
weather. The turquoise cardigan has the pop (maybe even too much for some)
which is needed during the dull and sad months of fall.

I simply love how cute and how lovely this series of New Look knitwear is.
The cream colored sweater is elegant and sweet and reminds me of a macaroon.
When it comes to this adorable pull/poncho, I would say it would even
suit formal occasions or holiday parties. Last but not least, a little knitwear is still
cool knitwear. And once more my favorite color!

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