samedi 12 octobre 2013

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When I first entered one of these shops, I was charmed by the personality some pieces had. The second very important thing about this shop is that, after going around different furniture and home places, it is the one corresponding me best. A lot of people gave me the argument that it was too expensive. I went around and, for the same quality and style it really is good prices. It makes sense because a lot of the items have a peculiar signature look and are not classic. Anyhow, here are some products of their new line ( I went for Shabby Chic for this selection) and I can wait for their Christmas items!

I always dreamed of own
such a piece of furniture
To empty your pockets
To pamper yourself with style
To dream of starry skies
To put luxurious liquids in.

To hang your jewelry onto.

To put your patisserie on.

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