jeudi 3 octobre 2013

FASHION: Selection: The Golden Season

From Asos.  More than a real golden statement,
These pieces are "how-to-wear-gold" in a casual fashion.
It just adds a nice glow and distinction to an outfit.

For Boohoo, Gold is color like anyother.
So it actually ends up with a trend
 which looks as if it was coming right
out of the 70's.

On Etsy, you can find the nicest and
most elegant items with a nice shade of
gold mainly used within lace patterns.

On Love Culture, they explore the logical
side of gold following it's solid state:
structure and angles.

From Missguided comes the cutest of dresses
which definitely has a 20's Gatsby feel to it.

New look plays the gold on an elegant note.

From Owntherunway,  this here is old school gold. Fancy
a bit posh but gold is precious and it is its best use.

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