samedi 5 octobre 2013

MOVIE NIGHT! Home For The Holidays

I didn't plan to but I saw it. Browsing on the internet, after having seen The Piano , I discovered another movie with Holly Hunter and it really was a nice one. Jodie Foster manages to give a comedy about family that anyone would like. It has the 90's fiber to it but the subject is universal. A young woman goes back home for the Holidays. She has a lot on her mind but doesn't say a word as you would, because it would be too much fuss. The same with everyone in the family. However, at one point, everything is going to burst and this really is what happens to any family at the Thanksgiving dinner. Because no matter what, you know you have to say things to them.

Overall I really liked it and even if it does not deserve any academy awards, it deserves some of your time.

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