lundi 14 octobre 2013


"And Michael Jackson"
Some movies tend to try to tell you a story about a boy and fail at it. Most of the time it is because there is something to grown up in the analysis the kid has of his surroundings. This film has a complete "child-like" take on the story. And it also shows an evolution, a change in this little boy's life. Following the line of the dissertation read at the very start, the story lays in front of you like the dairy out of the brain of Alamein ("Boy"). He might be a bit delusional but all kids are really. He has the nicest voice to tell stories as well. You might think it is just a "Boy" but he turns out to be a responsable little human being. And though he makes his share of mistakes, he turns out to be more grown-up than the rest of some adults around him.
 It isn't the easiest movie to describe but it is fantastic to watch.

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