dimanche 6 octobre 2013

FOOD: My Favorite Teas

As you probably guessed from all of my posting and my mug shots on Instagram that I spend a fair amount of time in between my house and cafés. It has been this way for as long as I can remember. When I was still at my parents, I was drinking coffee and tea alternatively (around 3 to 4 cups a day). When I was working at the dinner, I replaced my "blood" with never-ending amounts of filtered coffee to keep working all throughout my shift to be out and about as I often was doing nights after my classes. Now that I am between jobs and classes, tea and coffee have substituted food at times because as I am just taking care of my website, blog, videos and social networks, I don't need as much food.

This is just my opinion and my lifestyle, don't think of applying this as a sort of diet. The best diet remains to eat healthy and do sports (even if its just walking or taking extra stairs during the day).
I got this infusion for the packaging at Monoprix, this part is true.
And the scent of berries that came out of the box when I opened
it really was overwhelming. However it turned out to be quite
an efficient boost drink. If you enjoy a fruit cocktail while working,
 This one is perfect.
This here is Fleur de Geisha by Le Palais Des Thés.
It is japanese green tea with cherry blossom it it.
The major quality this tea has is the comfort it puts you in.
Cherry Blossom has a soft rounded taste which is
soothing and different from any other fragrance.
The Thé Des Invités (Guests' Tea) by Betjeman & Burton is a very
 subtle perfumed green tea. It has litchi, roses and flowers in it.
This happens to be my "green tea". The one which makes you
thinner and that I would make an entire pot of, to not even
have to leave my chair while write (this article for instance).

More famous than you might think while looking it here,
This is the Original Marie Antoinette Tea by Nina's. A Ceylan tea
made with rose, rose petals and apple which smells brilliant. It is
the most delicate tea I own and my favorite "pre-made" tea on the market.
My important interest and curiosity towards anything from Versailles
helped just to buy it but it really did become a must and it is the one
I advise people to get from all the ones I own.
Last but definitely not least comes my own little concoction:
"Feeling Sassy"
I made it with the rest of several teas bought at the  Compagnie Anglaise
 des Thés at the Forum des Halles before they closed. I might forget some but
in there are "Cupidon", "Corsica", "Rose", "Samba" and some cinnamon
 and vanilla. It made my odd green and black tea, meaning the infusion time
 is rather short due to the green tea. It is a fun and easy to drink tea if you
enjoy having plenty of scents and perfume to your beverage.

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