lundi 21 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: Haul, Yves Rocher Collect'Or

Fairly nice but though the shimmers do give
a nice shine and the hydration is ok, I really
am not impressed by the scent which is
very subtle even far too subtle.
Very woman-like scent for the perfume
and the glitters and scent of the
shower-gel is awesome and perfect
if you like vanilla-ish thingies. 

The Nail Polish Remover I have nothing
special to say about but the Nail Strengthener
and the hand cream are very good products
doing their jobs perfectly and I really
enjoy just wearing that base as a nail polish.
The Khöl and Eye makeup remover are
good products but nothing more.
The Mascara on the other hand
is doing a wonderful job at giving
you nice elongated eyelashes like
the ones of a doll.

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