mercredi 23 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: Haul, Rimmel for Browns

As I said in the video, I am quite taken by this brand and the colors it gives for this season especially.

Sheer, they reveal to be a nice combo to bring out on a
weekend to build up a nude look.
A bright beige, a very light champagne color,
a bronzy taupe and a light brown.
Sable brown n°11
Basic, it glides on ok on my hand though not as well
as some high end products like the Urban Decay I tend
to use most of the time. It is a bit trickier on the eyelid.
The Vinyl Gloss is perfect for holiday season,
thanksgiving to soften a bright red lip or one of the
very dark wine shades which are so in this Fall.
The Lip lacquer is more of a nude alternative
if you plan on wearing a intense eye look.
These are "Bow chicka wow wow". You could just apply
them on your lid but if you do, remember it will give the
most baroque look to your eyes. The texture is based on the fact
that the product is liquid when you apply it but hard while drying.
To avoid this, you can just use this scandl eye as a base.

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