lundi 28 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: Haul & Review Nuxe Bio Beauté

I really enjoy this Lip Balm though
it doesn't feel entirely homogenous. But it really hydrates deep
and it is the sort of treatment which
will be perfect for this time of the year.
The eye contour didn't do ny miracles for me but I think
this type of product's results are visible only in the long run.
I will keep on using it as it really is ok to put on and that
my eyes don't seem to respond badly to it. No matter how I
feel on the spot, always be aware while using products
around your eyes. It is the most sensitive part of your face
and it is constantly put to the test with primers, make up,
and the outside world in general.
Nothing special about this micellar solution. It cleans
well though and it is biological so if it is what
you are looking for... Enjoy! 
The exfoliant does a very nice job. The exfoliation is
provided by small seeds of various shapes and sizes.
For the ones among you who enjoy a vigorous exfoliation,
this product will make your day. For others, you
might not be charmed by the roughness of the treatment
which doesn't feel equal overall due to the variety of seeds.
It is a soothing cream which does it's job well. However
I do not enjoy the smell of it and it is a shame
because the texture is very enjoyable.

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