mardi 15 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: L'Occitane

This wasn't the first time I ever entered a L'Occitane. Being french, it is a shop you can find everywhere in Paris and their product are sold even by some pharmacies. Their prices are actually similar to para pharmaceutical products.
It was the first time I ever did buy anything from them. The scents and their products never really inspired before and I didn't feel like putting that kind of money in it. However, they came up with this little set of items within a cute little purse for 20 euros. If I was ever to try them out, it seemed to be the right time.
Almond Shower Oil.
I loved this product SO much that I went
everywhere, looking for shower oils. I found
brilliant ones but I am pretty certain this is the
one I like most. However, I don't know if
I would put that kind of money in such an item
because I do enjoy using a fair amount of
product while showering and bathing.
Cherry Blossom and Dry Skin Hand Cream.
I love the smell of the cherry blossom and enjoy the hydration
it delivers, but I was not extremely by impressed by the one for
dry skin. It is strongly more efficient than
 the Wild Rose Hand Cream by the Body Shop but not as
nourishing as my other hand creams by OPI,Yves Rocher or
Nectar of Nature (I will make an article on Hand creams).

Rose Scented Savon de Marseille,
I do enjoy creamier and softer soaps
for my skin when winter is coming
but it is doing its job no less, no more.

Peony Shower Gel and Perfume.
This smell is the nicest though I would
not qualify it as a winter or Autumn Scent
It is just lovely.

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