samedi 19 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: It is Winter: Treat yourself!

When "winter is coming", as I already said in both my blogposts and videos, I love that we can pamper ourselves more and though we are a bit forced to; nourish our skins deeper.
A few days ago, I went into a pharmacy (AGAIN) to just look around. There is one thing certain, it is much easier for me to enter Sephora and come out empty handed rather than a para-pharmacy.
I don't know if it really has anything to do with the fact that I have sensitive skin anyhow I just love going around these shops and discover things.
I was with my mother and they had new L'Occitane sets laying around. I did very much enjoyed the Almond Shower Oil and my mum wanted to try out some of their products as well.
In one of the set was Milk Concentrate. I have no idea what makes this product such a good one. However, it literally is the first time I use a cream that has such a nice firming, smoothing and long-lasting effect. After doing the dishes, my hands were smooth and felt very hydrated still.
Another product from l'Occitane I enjoy during those cold days is their shea butter. I sincerely think you can buy whichever shea butter as you want as long as it is 100%. And a little bit goes a long way. If you tend to use it allover your body, it would be logical to get a large container but if, like me, you use it for dry patches (mainly on my face) and lips, the 8 ml can do.
The hydration it procures is the best there is. I put it on at night and, as I often have a lit candle around, I tend to put the shea close to it to make it soft and easier to apply.
For my lips, I also have, as a strong lip balm, Smith's Minted Rose by Rosebud Perfume Company which I bought at American Apparel. I wasn't convinced at first, because I got it in spring and though Pure Shea Butter has the appeal of the all-natural product, this one is really doing the job.

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