mardi 8 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: Allergic Reaction

The bad definition is there to not have you scream out as loud as you could if you did see my face today. On a regular basis, I have combination a rather flawless and soft skin on my cheeks. I am currently entering one of my "no makeup" week. It follows the practice of fallowing land. It really is nice to do it and necessary even if you love make up like I do. But last night, I noticed sorts of small pimples allover my cheeks and this morning it was just ridiculously hot to the point that it gave me a headache. The source of all this is the liquid foundation from Hema or their concealer which were what I was wearing the day before. First, my no make up really arrived in time because I really wouldn't have put make up on my skin right now. The "swelling" of my face has now decreased. However, it will probably take a few days for all this to go away and it better be fast, the temperature is dropping around here. My skin tends to dry extremely and bleed when it's cold (sorry for the detailing but it does explain the emergency of the situation). I only use para-pharmaceutical products when my skin turns into that monster that it is right now and it really is my only advice on that point. I tested for you and my skin detested for you on my behalf.

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