jeudi 31 octobre 2013

FOOD In Paris: Boulangerie Patisserie R. Bertrand

I have tried this boulangerie for you for about 2 years so I can
definitely tell you that it is brilliant, nice and very good.
This boulangerie is located close to Notre Dame on rue La Grange.
More than being high end products, what this place offers are
genuine patisseries without making it extraordinary.
This is the reason why I love it so much.
Aiglon or Pain Suisse is one of my favorite baker's patisserie. 
Religieuse au café, a classic a tiny bit bigger then a simple éclair. 
This odd little pie is called the Exotique thanks to all of
fruits which are used in its composition. 

mardi 29 octobre 2013

BLOG: More Selections

I do enjoy looking allover the internet to find you guys the best and loveliest items to wear but now I feel, especially with the up coming holidays that you would need a bit more.
Therefore I will give you blogposts selections of the newest and best makeup products and skincare if if I won't always have the item, it won't be a review but it will keep you aware of what is in stores.
That is all for today.
Have a Great day, an Awesome week, a Fantastic month and an Amazing year.

FASHION: Selection, Coats & Jackets

If there is any thing which allow use to wear the cutest outfits in Fall and Winter, it is coats. Here is a little selection from all around the web:
Asos dolly manteau
Boohoo Boutique Harriet
Wool Look Tartan PVC Sleeve Coat 
Boohoo Lucie
Cropped Oversized Collar Coat  
Boohoo Wendy High Neck Coat
Missguided Emila Zip Detail Biker Coat In Khaki
New look Jumpo Red Contrast Knitted Neck Longline Coat
New look Mandi Black Longline Cardigan
By Asos
By Topshop

lundi 28 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: Haul & Review Nuxe Bio Beauté

I really enjoy this Lip Balm though
it doesn't feel entirely homogenous. But it really hydrates deep
and it is the sort of treatment which
will be perfect for this time of the year.
The eye contour didn't do ny miracles for me but I think
this type of product's results are visible only in the long run.
I will keep on using it as it really is ok to put on and that
my eyes don't seem to respond badly to it. No matter how I
feel on the spot, always be aware while using products
around your eyes. It is the most sensitive part of your face
and it is constantly put to the test with primers, make up,
and the outside world in general.
Nothing special about this micellar solution. It cleans
well though and it is biological so if it is what
you are looking for... Enjoy! 
The exfoliant does a very nice job. The exfoliation is
provided by small seeds of various shapes and sizes.
For the ones among you who enjoy a vigorous exfoliation,
this product will make your day. For others, you
might not be charmed by the roughness of the treatment
which doesn't feel equal overall due to the variety of seeds.
It is a soothing cream which does it's job well. However
I do not enjoy the smell of it and it is a shame
because the texture is very enjoyable.

dimanche 27 octobre 2013

BLOG: What I Review On

Hey everyone,
Today, I wanted to talk to you about the fact that you don't need to have plenty of make up or clothes to be happy. It might sound funny coming from quite a promoter of consumption but it is true. I had a drink with friends yesterday and one of them did tell me she liked the make up I was mentioning on the blog (and often videos), but she really didn't have enough money for most of it. And This is my main point today: I am showing beautiful things and good products but from the selection I make, it is then for you to take your pick. It is also the reason why I like to test out cheaper brands of makeup. The main issue then is that it can give you break outs, the way it did in my articla about my allergic reaction:
However, makeup is fun and sometimes expensive, that is all there is to it. And I will always review cheap brands, drugstore brands & high end ones, for you to find your perfect product for any occasion and price.

samedi 26 octobre 2013

PERFUME: Dior Addict 2 Peonies

Here is a perfume I really bought on principle. When I enter the duty free section of an airport, I got to (when I can) get a new perfume. One time, I got this little one. I wore all the time I was gone as I normally would than I came back home. I put it in a drawer and forgot about it. Then one day, for no real reason, I took it back out. It was summer and basically the perfect scent was It: floral,fresh with a hint of rose and I could even say it has a powdery quality behind the main fragrance which makes it very agreeable in the long run.

vendredi 25 octobre 2013

HOME: October & Halloween Little Things

I found this little one at Maisons du Monde and though it
is just cute when it is daylight, with the candle inside, it is very cute.
A very nice walk to take in Paris is through the marché aux fleurs on l'île de la cité.
They sell the nicest ceramic items and it really is worth it. You can
find things such as this pot holder.
This pendant comes from a Necklace from New Look
and it really is beautiful though it is quite a statement piece.

This baby hat on clippers is a lovely item I bought last time I
went to London with my best friend. The most charming little lady
sold it to me in Camden town.
This candle holder is also from Maisons du Monde but
I did tell you that I really like this shop. It is a
lovely and decadent piece to own.
I don't recall where I got this little monster
but I do have to say it looks like Lilo's doll in Lilo and Stitch.
Relaxing sqwooshy face, but it is halloween
so behold The Nightmare before christmas!!!
Fame by Lady Gaga, casual, classic but Black liquid turning
transparent on the skin. How could you say no!

jeudi 24 octobre 2013

FOOD In Paris: Ari's Bagels (République)

I do enjoy a nice bagel once in a while... Really, I could eat one everyday. But not anyone. In Paris, Bagel places are flourishing and you know have enough to choose from and compare. The first bagel place i would talk about is Ari's Bagels. The one i go to is at République but there are some all over Paris. My personal favorite of their bagels being the Chicken Run Away which is made with cheddar cheese, chicken, honey mustard, cream cheese, tomato & roquette.
Have any you feel like though. Enjoy!

mercredi 23 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: Haul, Rimmel for Browns

As I said in the video, I am quite taken by this brand and the colors it gives for this season especially.

Sheer, they reveal to be a nice combo to bring out on a
weekend to build up a nude look.
A bright beige, a very light champagne color,
a bronzy taupe and a light brown.
Sable brown n°11
Basic, it glides on ok on my hand though not as well
as some high end products like the Urban Decay I tend
to use most of the time. It is a bit trickier on the eyelid.
The Vinyl Gloss is perfect for holiday season,
thanksgiving to soften a bright red lip or one of the
very dark wine shades which are so in this Fall.
The Lip lacquer is more of a nude alternative
if you plan on wearing a intense eye look.
These are "Bow chicka wow wow". You could just apply
them on your lid but if you do, remember it will give the
most baroque look to your eyes. The texture is based on the fact
that the product is liquid when you apply it but hard while drying.
To avoid this, you can just use this scandl eye as a base.

mardi 22 octobre 2013


Knitwear is in again. Whether you like warm thick fabric or a thin layer to discretely add to an outfit, you will find it this season. This year once more, the thin fabrics are quite fun and they show quite a lot of lovely patterns. The thick ones are very much like "granny" pullovers.
LOOOOONG Grandpa types of pullovers. This is
what you can find on Asos website. And though the dress-like
sweater is fine and can be worn in a fairly fancy way,
I do like the overly large and cosy kntiwear. The
extra detail which makes it cool is the color which
is my favorite (from this one here all the way
to deep purple and lavender).
The pure vintage feel
comes from Boohoo. There is an
alpine and old school cosy
 feel to it. The big chunky
flowers are fun and tender.

On Love Culture, they have the most westerny items allover.
The maxi cardigan is a nice and casual alternative to a coat on
the warm days of autumn which almost give us a Indian summer
weather. The turquoise cardigan has the pop (maybe even too much for some)
which is needed during the dull and sad months of fall.

I simply love how cute and how lovely this series of New Look knitwear is.
The cream colored sweater is elegant and sweet and reminds me of a macaroon.
When it comes to this adorable pull/poncho, I would say it would even
suit formal occasions or holiday parties. Last but not least, a little knitwear is still
cool knitwear. And once more my favorite color!

lundi 21 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: Haul, Yves Rocher Collect'Or

Fairly nice but though the shimmers do give
a nice shine and the hydration is ok, I really
am not impressed by the scent which is
very subtle even far too subtle.
Very woman-like scent for the perfume
and the glitters and scent of the
shower-gel is awesome and perfect
if you like vanilla-ish thingies. 

The Nail Polish Remover I have nothing
special to say about but the Nail Strengthener
and the hand cream are very good products
doing their jobs perfectly and I really
enjoy just wearing that base as a nail polish.
The Khöl and Eye makeup remover are
good products but nothing more.
The Mascara on the other hand
is doing a wonderful job at giving
you nice elongated eyelashes like
the ones of a doll.

dimanche 20 octobre 2013

READ: The Diary of a Chambermaid

As a french woman, I do feel bad to have waited until now to read the Diary of a Chambermaid "Le journal d'une femme de chambre". And I was quite surprised how beautiful this book is to read.
The title says it all: It is the history, thoughts and writings of a chambermaid who went through quite a lot of houses. Though the people she successively works for are far from being nice and good people, the tone of the book is funny at times and true. Her vision is quite amusing and terribly tender. She depicts all of her surroundings and masters in a very honest style. These people are often terrible but she also gives away her own flaws: liar and vicious at times but she also relieves to be sincere and what really makes her sympathetic.
It is a truly beautiful and sad story.

samedi 19 octobre 2013

BEAUTY: It is Winter: Treat yourself!

When "winter is coming", as I already said in both my blogposts and videos, I love that we can pamper ourselves more and though we are a bit forced to; nourish our skins deeper.
A few days ago, I went into a pharmacy (AGAIN) to just look around. There is one thing certain, it is much easier for me to enter Sephora and come out empty handed rather than a para-pharmacy.
I don't know if it really has anything to do with the fact that I have sensitive skin anyhow I just love going around these shops and discover things.
I was with my mother and they had new L'Occitane sets laying around. I did very much enjoyed the Almond Shower Oil and my mum wanted to try out some of their products as well.
In one of the set was Milk Concentrate. I have no idea what makes this product such a good one. However, it literally is the first time I use a cream that has such a nice firming, smoothing and long-lasting effect. After doing the dishes, my hands were smooth and felt very hydrated still.
Another product from l'Occitane I enjoy during those cold days is their shea butter. I sincerely think you can buy whichever shea butter as you want as long as it is 100%. And a little bit goes a long way. If you tend to use it allover your body, it would be logical to get a large container but if, like me, you use it for dry patches (mainly on my face) and lips, the 8 ml can do.
The hydration it procures is the best there is. I put it on at night and, as I often have a lit candle around, I tend to put the shea close to it to make it soft and easier to apply.
For my lips, I also have, as a strong lip balm, Smith's Minted Rose by Rosebud Perfume Company which I bought at American Apparel. I wasn't convinced at first, because I got it in spring and though Pure Shea Butter has the appeal of the all-natural product, this one is really doing the job.

vendredi 18 octobre 2013

FASHION: Selection, The Attack Of The Cute Prints

Nothing much to say on these pieces this time, I just enjoyed looking at them and I would love to have more than half of those in my wardrobe.



Love Culture
New Look
Own The Runway
Stylist Pick